Vera Bradley Launches: Harry Potter Collection Of Bags And Accessories


If you grew up with both Vera Bradley and Harry Potter, then you will be overwhelmed to know that Vera Bradley is finally launching the much-awaited “Harry Potter” series.

If you spent your childhood fighting with your friends over the team you are, then this is just the perfect edition of Harry Potter Bags and Accessories for you!

This much-awaited edition might just be one of the best launches of Vera Bradley. This enticing edition comes in several accessories and bags that are of no kind.

The popular lifestyle brand has thousands of fans across the globe; terribly awaiting the launch. It is because many of Vera Bradley’s fans grew up with harry potter.

There were loads of requests from the fans asking and requesting the launch of harry potter edition.

The enchanting edition is limited and is completely inspired by the iconic book and THE CLASSIC MOVIE SERIES.
The gorgeous capsule collection has everything from bags to wallets and accessories.

Vera Bradley has also managed to create a unique Home to Hogwarts pattern that features some iconic symbols from the film/ book series.

“So many of our fans grew up with ‘Harry Potter’ the same way they grew up with Vera Bradley. In fact, this was one of the most highly requested collaborations from our customers and associates.

“The ‘Harry Potter’s edition from the Vera Bradley embodies the imagination, courage, and spirit of adventure that the ‘Harry Potter’ movies are known for, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally bring this collaboration to life.”

” Rob Wallstrom, chief executive officer of Vera Bradley, wrote in a press release.

All styles in the collection are available in an exclusive Home to Hogwarts pattern, which includes iconic symbols from the Harry Potter series with Vera Bradley’s signature bright, colorful touch.

Select pieces are also available in solid corduroy patterns styled after each Hogwarts™ house – so whether you aspire to the bravery of Gryffindor, the ambition of Slytherin, the wisdom of Ravenclaw, or the loyalty of Hufflepuff, there’s something for everyone. – from the Vera Bradley Press Release.

However, there was a mixed reaction from the fans. Many people especially teens were waiting for the special limited edition. Some of them were happy to shop yet some of them had to leave disheartened.

The Ravenclaw’s team was upset over limited designs dedicated to the team were present.

In conclusion, with 2020 coming as complete havoc leaving many across the world immensely disturbed;
the Vera Bradley collection might just be a fresh breath of air and happiness.

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