Such Useful Exercises for Sciatic Pain Relief

Such Useful Exercises for Sciatic Pain Relief

Sciatic pain relief involves removing pain from the lower back to the upper leg part. This injury is linked to radicular nerve, which is why it can prove to be a real menace if left untreated. Doctors and medical experts believe that exercise is one of the best processes for recovery. Bed rest keeps a person stationary, while exercise increases the circulation in spinal discs. Consequently, this process indirectly strengthens back muscles of the body.

Exercises are more beneficial since it not only removes pain but also ensures that no such pain occurs again. However, it is advised that a doctor or a chiropractor should be consulted before initiating any such exercises.

The following are a few popular exercises for sciatic pain relief, which are usually recommended by doctors and physicians.

The Magic of Press Ups:

Press-up exercise is considered as one of the most beneficial for sciatic pain relief purposes. The Exercise relaxes muscles in the back, leg and buttocks helping to minimize the pain that might arise in any such muscles.

For this exercise, an individual is required to lie on the floor with arms in a bended position and palms extended on the floor. Abdominal muscles should be contracted and the leg and buttocks muscles should be relaxed. The upper body should be pressed upwards while making sure that the legs are stationary and lying on the floor. This posture should be maintained for one to five seconds. The duration of the pose can be increased gradually as days pass.

Body Extensions:

The process of sciatic pain relief is very much accelerated with the extension exercises. These exercises help relax muscles in the back and the leg area, relieving the individual form the pain in those muscles.

For this exercise the individual should take his/her place on the floor in such a position that the stomach is flat on the floor with arms and legs stretched out. One arm is raised along with the opposite leg and this posture should be maintained for approx. 3 seconds. Next the arm and the leg should be lowered with the process repeated for the other arm and leg.

Curl-up and Release:

Next exercise that is very much functional for sciatic pain relief is Curl-up Exercise. This exercise helps in relieving the back and leg muscles and helps them relax.

For this exercise the individual should take his/her position on the floor. The posture should be such that the individual should lie upside down with knees in a bending position. The position of the arms should be such that they are folded across the chest.

The Importance of Leg-Raises:

Leg raise is another exercise that has been proved to be proven for sciatic pain relief. These exercises help toughen up muscles in the lower torso, and the lower abdomen. This strengthening of the muscles helps supporting the back and removes the pain.

Leg-lifts in Therapeutic Pool:

Another exercise that has been proven to initiate sciatic pain relief is leg lifts in water. For this exercise the individual is required to sit in the pool and do some lift ups in the pool of water.

All the above mentioned exercises have been proven to initiate sciatic pain relief that can help individuals relieve any such due to the sciatica that causes severe discomfort.

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