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Types Of Facial For Men & Facial Benefits

types of facial for men

Men usually shy away from taking care of their skin or going away to a parlor for skin treatments. May be due to the old and typical mindset that revolves around- “men are strong, they don’t cry or focus on their skin” societal norms.

Taking care of your skin must not be taboo for men. One of the popular ways to keep your skin clean and glowing, then go for a thorough facial.

You might have already heard about facials with regard to women, but little do you know there are facials specifically designed for men. The facial routine of men is designed keeping in mind the type of skin men have.

However, facials prove to be incredible on all types of skin. You don’t need to have a specific type of skin for a facial.

Benefits Of Doing A Facial:

Facials are primarily done to get rid of clogged pores, unclean pores, dirt, bacteria, pollution, and even tighten skin. Facial kits for men are specifically designed for men as they have 25% thicker skin than women.

They have more collagen than women and that is why you need to go for a facial for men. Men tend to get razor burns often, ingrown hair-have a dull skin that becomes highly sensitive with the course of time.

Facials help in deep cleaning your skin, exfoliating away dead skin cells, soothe irritated skin, prevent breakouts, and getting rid of clogged pores.

The facial involves steaming open pores, performing extractions to clear up clogged pores, and then applying a toner. These facials may include a vigorous face, neck, and shoulder massage.

A facial helps in toning your skin and preventing the development of wrinkles.

Apart from these benefits, you don’t even have to shave your beard before a facial. Instead, a facial along with your beard can help your beard look a lot shinier and smoother.

Types Of Facial For Men:

1) Acne-Facial:

One of the most important benefits of doing a facial is that it helps in getting rid of acne. This specific type of facial helps in reducing acne and even decreasing the risk of development of acne any further.

If you go for this facial often then you can prevent further breakouts and makes your skin less prone to acne.

2) Anti-Aging Facial:

Facial is also said to prevent the development of wrinkles.

Men tend to have more collagen in their skin than women and that is why men’s facial is designed differently.

These facials help in tightening your skin and improve the production of collagen.

3) Deep Cleansing Facial:

Exfoliation is nothing but the removal of dry and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Exfoliation helps in improving blood circulation, which will help you in achieving healthier and glowing skin.

4) Oxygen Facial:

Aging leads to a rapid reduction in the oxygen levels of our skin. The oxygen facial helps in replenishing the oxygen levels of your skin. This will prevent your skin from fine wrinkles and tighten your skin to no bounds.

So don’t shy away from facials and skincare just because you’re a man. Men deserve some special treatment too!

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