Top Planting Hacks You Must Know

planting hacks

Who does not love planting and gardening? All of us have a soft corner for plants and animals. Don’t we? Especially in 2020, that has been complete havoc and had taken everyone across the globe in a fit of rage.

We have been isolating ourselves as the global pandemic is said to reach its peak in the coming months. What is the way best to spend your time rather than planting?

We have all the time in the world to practice some long lost hobbies and work on ourselves. We have hours to make our surroundings better and contribute to saving the world.

In an era that is suffering and enduring the brutal attacks of climate change, what is a little more incredible than planting some trees?

Planting and maintaining a garden will not only disguise as a small step towards a better future and an amazing environment but also help us to spend our time in the best way possible.

So if you are bored with isolation and quarantining then consider planting or making a small garden in your balcony.

Here are a few planting hacks you need to know if you are new to planting and gardening:

1) Use a banana peel to dust off the leaves:

Banana peels serve as the best way to dust off the leaves. It is natural for the leaves to accumulate dust if left for a long time. Just take a banana peel and rub it off on the leaves.

This will clean the leaves and help them in the process of photosynthesis.
2) Use overnight drinking water:

Before wasting any kind of water of flushing it off the drain, consider re-using the water by watering it to the plants. This will help in re-using the water and prevent any kind of wastage.

3) The bathwater:

If you are growing plants that are not edible then you can even reuse your bathing water. Instead of throwing it off or flushing it off, just water your plants with the same.

4)  Use Epsom salt:

Your plants will thank you if you add some Epsom salt into the water that goes into plants. The salt has high levels of magnesium and sulfur that prove to be beneficial for the plants.

So make sure you do some good deeds in this prolonged quarantine.

5) Seedlings:

If you don’t want to go to some specific type of plant, then you can grow a seedling by the very fruits and vegetables you have at your house.

You can grow citrus seedlings by hollowing out the peel until just the rind remains, and fill it with soil. There you go! Grow any kind of citrus fruit.

6) Use cinnamon oil or powder to keep the fungus away:

It is common for plants to influence the growth of fungus and bacteria. Add some cinnamon powder to the water you use to water the plants.

Cinnamon has incredible fungal properties that will suppress the growth of fungus right away!

Some other planting hacks are:

  • Use a sponge to dust off the leaves.
  • Use ice cubes to water your plants if you are leaving your house for some hours.
  • Add your used coffee grounds to the soil to control pests
  • Use water from boiling vegetables to water your plants for nourishment
  • Use honey to root new plant cuttings
So go ahead and be polite to your plants!

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