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Top 6 Symptoms of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Top 6 Symptoms of not getting Enough Sleep

How many times have you felt lazy, tired and feel to Sleep all day long and just not bothered to give it much of a thought, attributing it to distraction, fatigue or burnout?

There are so many signals our body sends out when it wants us to know that we have not been getting enough sleep. The problem is that most of us overlook these signs of insufficient sleep, and the fact that they are fairly easy to recognize.

Here is a list of some of the first symptoms you will notice, if you have not been getting enough sleep. Read on to know more about the symptoms you need to watch out for to know if your body DEMANDS more sleep:

Waking Up Tired:

How many times in a week do you wake up only to realize that you are more tired than you were before sleeping? And you are likely to feel exhausted as well because of the simple reason that your body did not get enough rest.

If you have been experiencing this more than twice a week, lack of enough sleep might well be a reason.

Laziness During the Day:

Have you been feeling lazy during the day for no reason at all? No urge to work and too lethargic to, may be, even want to go for a movie with friends? That is another way of your body telling you that you have been torturing it by not letting it sleep for as long as it must.

This sluggishness might land you in trouble at your workplace, besides affecting your efficiency at home.

Irritable Behavior:

Are you getting bugged by small little things? Like the ‘noise’ made by the children playing in your neighbor’s courtyard? Or the bathroom door that your spouse left open? If the tiniest of such things have been irritating a usually calm and composed you of late, it’s time to consider if you have been getting enough sleep.

Meditating in the morning for a few minutes will help assuage you, and to maintain your cool as the day progresses, though that is no substitute for sleep.

Absent Mindedness:

While it is normal to forget a thing or two or misplace the keys once in a while, but if it is becoming a habit and you are beginning to forget important meetings and other important events, lack of enough sleep could be a reason.

If you do not redress the problem soon, you might find yourself drifting away in the midst of an important presentation soon.

Loss of Appetite:

Do you have the urge to skip out your breakfast altogether? And, are you having your lunch properly? Depriving the body of sufficient sleep can take a toll on your eating habits and appetite as well. Your body will crave for food at unearthly hours, due to which you might start snacking (in most cases, unhealthily).

This, in turn, causes most people to put on or lose weight for reasons beyond their understanding.


If symptoms of initial insomnia are not treated early, you may have to face serious complications one of which could be chronic insomnia.

Since no one would want to become an insomniac and face disorders like depression and bulimia, weight gain, poor immunity, etc., the initial symptoms of sleep deprivation should not be ignored.

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