Top 10 Lip Oils For Dry Lips – The Best Of 2019

Lip Oils For Dry Lips

Top 10 Lip Oils For Dry Lips – The Best Of 2019

Always the oil has sticky in consistency, basically oil are used for lips boost the dryness and plum skin cell. when we apply oil on the lip act as a lip oils for Dry Lips. Natural oils like coconut, jojoba,  vitamin E enriched oils work as a treatment when you apply the oil on the lips.  Lip oil make lips smoother and softer, moisturized instead of dryness.

Lip oil is not a gloves, it’s not a balm  or not paste type. This is oil formed sticky consistency is latest  product coming in the market and taking place in the makeup kits. Lip oil provide nourishes to your lip that will give a little shiny to the edges.

  1. Too Faced Sweet peach creamy peach lip oil:

Formulation of the oil : Taking infused coconut oil, peach extracts and vitamin E, mixing together for  preparation of  Too faced Creamy peach oil. It will look like a normal lip gloss tube. The formulation is a delicious peach flavour and colour contains in creamy. This product contain the pigmentation level for the eight shades.

  1. Hourglass Lip oil treatment:

This is a heavy concentrated oil It is large advanced treatment for short and long time uses for the dried lips. Hourglass Lip oil is the mixing of great  essential oils, plant oils, and some special vitamins act as a condition relieves dryness.  Some of the ingredients give smoothness and boost the skin and lip texture and lip shape. This product having 14 rich essential oils like lavender, lemon, rosemary, and so many plant oils and vitamins. Decreases dryness on the lips appearance the wrinkles on the face.

  1. Too Sweet Peanut Butter:

Take two cup roasted peanuts

one spoon of sugar

salt to taste.

Take a food processor and put roasted peanuts, then  turn for 5 minutes you will observe peanuts will change to a creamy texture add it with sugar and salt. With the help of the peanut butter enrich to your lips and give a thick moisture. This is moisture  rich formula,  you can apply this without lipstick, it remove your lip cracks and remove dryness.

  1. Sheer Wisdom Lip  Oil:

 This is non greasy oil. This oil made with coconut oil, chia seed oil and amino acids. Sheer wisdom lip oil made with these  three powerful products with firm technology. This formula gives a creamy texture and smoothness on the lips. It will increase the collagen. This powerful oil nourish your lips.

  1. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Oil:

This is one hundred percent natural oil which contains meadow foam seed with coconut oil. This hydrating  formula decrease the wrinkles on the lip lines and give glowness. Tinted Lip oil have a splash of moisture and a lot of natural. This is non sticky oil.

  1. Instant Light lip comfort oil:

This oil contains hundred percent of plant oil enhancing lip aromatic essence. It protects the upper layer of the lip and give nourishes and make smooth. This is the plant based oil give instant relief to dry lips. You can add this lip oil with your lipstick, this oil can’t disturb the ph level.

  1. Meme box Nonie Apple mint Lip Oil:

So many herbal products are using in this oil like sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil menthol  pca ,sweet almond oil, olive fruit oil, apple fruit extract, ginger root oil and so on. Apply this oil as a thin layer on the dry lips. This oil smoothes and nourishes. This oil has Botanical extracts. This is remove dead skin. It have lightly coloured moisture which prevents dry lips, and give smooth texture.

8.Milani Moisture Lock Grapefruit Oil Infused Lip:

It makes a great smooth ness and give good treatment this formulated Shea butter and hydrating oils to moisture and smooth lips. This oil contains with natural healing power of Jojoba oil. This lip oil have fruity fragrance. This oil is not so sticky and having some hydrating power. This oil give some shine and some moisture, with the help of this oil prevent scars and wrinkles on the lips. When you use this oil regularly you can see the changes.

  1. Coconut Cooling Lip Oil:

Basically coconut having cooling effect When we apply  this oil on the dry lips, it will remove the dirty ness from the lips and make smoother and shiny lips. Coconut lip oil hydrate on the dry lip and provides natural shade of the lip. When you mix coconut oil with olive oil gives nourishment, you add coconut oil with eucalyptus oil act as moisturisation.

  1. e.l.f Tinted Lip Oil:

This oil having some special properties and powerful. This oil contains vitamin E, jojoba oil and apricot. Whenever these three mix together give a good fragrance and act as a moisture and glossy looking lips. When you start to apply day by day it will nourishes amazingly.

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