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Top 10 Hairstyles To Cover Up Thin Hair


Thin hair can be considered to be brutal nightmares for us as women. Isn’t it? We take pride in our hair and love styling it on a daily basis. From using 100s of hair products to even hair creams, I’m sure all of us have struggled to have flawless as well as shiny hair.

However, as you age or due to other factors your hair can become thin. Thinning of hair is common and is influenced by several factors that include- Hormonal imbalances, health conditions, poor diet, and unhealthy lifestyle.

Yes, you heard that right! There are several general factors that can lead to thinning hair. But there is good news! We’ve got your back. If you are constantly worried and trying to hide or get rid of your thin hair, then continue reading. There are many hairstyles that will help you in covering up thin hair.

You can chop them off, style it differently, and there you go! All stunning and elegant with shiny voluminous hair. Having an amazing hairstyle has become easier; due to the development of technology and the availability of stylists, hair products along with trendy hairstyle ideas all over the world.

Here are 10 hairstyles that will cover your thin hair; However, there are a few points you have to keep in mind to cover your thin hair with these incredible Hairstyles:

1) The Pixie Cut:

The choppy pixie cut is an amazing hairstyle to cover up your thin hair. This hairstyle is perfect for you if you want to get a trendy haircut as well as voluminous hair. The cut will make your hair look flawlessly thick by its short layers.

2) Sculpted waves:

This is a perfect hairstyle for anyone who is looking for a classy as well as a voluminous hairstyle. The waves make your thin hair look thick and can give your hair a natural bounce.

3) The Low Bun:

The buns can never go out of fashion. There are several types of buns for different hair but if you have thin hair, then the low bun is perfect for you. Add a texturizing spray as you style the bun and there you go!

4) The 90’s layers:

This is one of the classic hairstyles you cannot afford to miss out on if you have thin hair. This hairstyle as the name suggests was a classic trend in the ’90s. The parted ends will make your hair look voluminous and thicker than the usual.

5) Side Curls:

I’m sure if you are a teen you have always wanted side curls. You can have them if you have thin hair. Curls can make any kind of hair look shiny and flawless like never before. Go for the side curls if you want to try something different yet amazing.

6) Half Ponytail Waves:

This is one of the easiest hairstyles that will help you cover thin hair. Curl your hair midway down and then tie them in a half ponytail. Use a texturizing spray and secure the ponytail with a bobby pin! Isn’t that easy?

7) Short and Curls:

Short hair and curls are never out of trends. If you have thin hair and want to go for a solution that lasts long, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Cut your shorts and then curl them from the ends. Add texturizing spray and your hair will look thick as well as voluminous.

8) Highlighted Bob:

2020 is the year of pixie, short, and bob hairstyles. If you want to try something different yet be able to get rid of your thin hair, then go for a bob haircut. Make sure you get them highlighted and you are ready to go! I’m sure you will come out looking like a goddess.

9) Short and Wispy bangs:

I’m sure the quarantine has already led you to convince yourself to get those bangs. But if you have thin hair, then we have an incredible idea for you. Go for a bob haircut and get wispy bangs. This hairstyle will make your thin hair look thick as well as voluminous and trendy.

10) Asymmetrical Bob:

If you are struggling with straight thin hair, then you cannot miss out on this hairstyle. Go for an Asymmetrical bob and add some texturizing spray for volume!

Aren’t these hairstyles easy and simple? Just go for them and have your think hair covered in the most flawless way.

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