Tiktok Ban Or No Ban? Tiktok Ban In The USA


You might have already heard about how the recent political developments between China and the USA have brought TikTok under the sword. Recently, the USA hinted at the possibility of banning TikTok throughout the country.

The secretary of the state, Micheal Pompeo hinted that the officials are considering banning the widely used entertainment app soon.

The ban is being considered with regard to the security issues and other political developments between the USA and China. Tiktok is downloaded by almost 165 million people in the USA.

It is used by millions each day and there are equal numbers of videos on the platform. Tiktok is owned by a Chinese company Bytedance and the CEO of TikTok is an American.

Irrespective of people’s choice and popularity, Trump administration has let the news of TikTok ban float across the ears of its citizens.

This news comes after India banned Tiktok a few days ago due to similar reasons. There was severe tension between India and China at the Indo-China border that almost 20 Indian soldiers dead.

India has banned all the Chinese-owned apps that have left millions of Indians heartbroken. India justified the ban by claiming TikTok engaged in activities prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India.

Therefore, the decision of the USA does not come as surprise as the Trump administration has been briefing on the on-going trade war with China a lot recently.

The reason that is considered behind banning TikTok is protecting America’s Privacy.

It is said that the app is illegally collecting private information of children without parental permission- that is considered a violation of US privacy laws.

Apart from the security reasons, it is also rumored that the Trump administration is unhappy with the way China handled the Covid-19 pandemic.

The US has hinted several times how they were upset and disappointed by the way China choose to handle the deadly pandemic.

The USA also remains the most affected country by the Covid-19 pandemic in the world followed by India. The news of Tiktok being banned has been upsetting the users and many of the tiktokers are already disturbed the news.

Several famous tiktokers have come out to resist the decision as TikTok is merely an entertainment app that has nothing to do with politics.

The users have focussed on the fact that TikTok has brought many cultures together and has united many people around the world. The users might possibly resist the decision if the news continues.

The resistance may lead the Trump administration to rethink their decision. However, the US could still issue some guidelines towards the usage of TikTok if not banning it.

Similar guidelines have been issued with regard to the Chinese company Huawei.

The decision still remains as a mystery; as there has been no further news or statements made by the Trump administration with regard to the ban.

So let’s hope for the best and stay united irrespectively!

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