These Bad Habits Can Risk Your Pregnancy


Being pregnant is an incredible blessing. It is a new experience and requires a lot of courage, preparation along with a lot of patience. You can be confused, stressed about the new responsibility but there is no need to worry. Pregnancy requires a lot of endurance and mental as well as physical preparation. However, there are some regular habits that can risk your pregnancy.

Yes, you heard that right; there can be several regular habits that can prove out to be harmful to your baby. I agree bad habits are hard to break but when it comes to taking care of your baby; you have to pay a little more attention to your health.

To have a healthy delivery, one has to take special care of your body and have a healthier lifestyle. Regular habits that include drugs, alcohol, and smoking can harm your body. These habits can create complications in your delivery and then continue to interfere with a child’s health.

Here are a few habits you need to break for a healthy pregnancy:

1) Alcohol:

You have to limit your alcohol consumption when you are trying to conceive. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, or foetal alcohol syndrome.

You have to completely let go of alcohol consumption to maintain your baby’s health. You can opt for a smoothie or juice instead of alcohol.

2) Drugs:

Prescription drugs or any kind of medication can prove out to be unhealthy for your baby. You have to consult your doctor before considering any kind of medication or using a prescribed drug.

These drugs can lead to fetal abnormalities, disorders, miscarriage, and premature birth.

3) Smoking:

You have to quit smoking when you are trying to conceive. The nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar content in cigarettes can have a severe effect on your embryo’s growth and lungs.

Smoking is not good for your overall health; leave it when you’re pregnant.

4) Junk Food:

A lot of junk food and oily food items can lead to a difficult delivery. It can affect your baby’s health and even lead to a premature birth if you have an excess of junk on a daily basis.

Your child can become overweight due to your carelessness. Have a healthy balanced diet for a healthy delivery.

5) Stress:

If you have a habit of over-thinking and taking stress often, then you have to let go off this habit at the earliest when you are pregnant. Stress can lead to differences in your embryo’s development and have a negative impact on your pregnancy.

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