These 10 Minimal Makeup Looks Will Turn Heads

Minimal Makeups

Its summer and the heat is at its record-breaking self. We still have to carry on with our daily routine and look our pretty best. So, how the beat the summer heat and stay looking fresh all day long. These 10 Minimal Makeup Looks Will Turn Heads and allows you to be fresh all day.

  1. A pink hue – yes, minimal is pink and vice versa. Just dab on a light pink blush on your cheek that gives you a natural look. Use soft colors that do not appear flashy or heavy. The trick is to be minimal so flushed cheeks and long flowy eyelashes are your go-to look.
  2. Just the lips – Bright matt lips is what you want. Do not use creamy lipsticks as they will melt off and give a smudged look to your mouth. Choose dark matt colors like wine or red that will make a statement but in a subtle way. Do not wear other makeup. Just a dash of mascara and wine-stained lips will make your day.
  3. Go golden – yes, the golden look can be carried out in a minimal way as well. Chose a golden eye shadow and blend it well. Use a liquid eye shadow or a powdery one. Cream eye shadows will melt away and give a messy look around the eyes. You can use glossy golden also as it stands out and gives a sparkle to the eyes.
  4. Smokey eyes – we think that a smudged heavy look illustrates smokey eyes. We are so wrong. Minimalistic smokey eyes are the trend these days that draw attention towards the eyes. Create a crease on the eyes using a dark brown shade and blend it in. Use a Dark green or black or any other color kohl pencil you wish and line the upper eyelid. Blend it in the outer corner of the eyes just meeting the crease. Do not go overboard with the mascara or just skip it. The look is minimal and complete.
  5. Gentle monochrome – think monochrome and bright colors flash before our eyes. But we can be creative and get a monochrome look using a rosy brown shade. Use soft shimmery rosy eye shadow and rosy-brown lip shade. This gives a sun-kissed look to the face.
  6. Go green – no, not apply veggies but using a green color to give you a minimal look. Go for green metallic eye shadows and keep the rest of the face neutral.
  7. French beauty – bold lips and dewy fresh eyes are the definitions of French beauty. They are great for the day and can rock date nights as well. Use red, wine or plum color for the lips and slightly shimmery pale pink eye shadow for the eyes.
  8. Eyeliners – A lot can happen with just an eyeliner. Use a black or any colored eyeliner on the upper eyelids. Use bold strokes or create a cat-eye look. This minimal look will surely turn heads.
  9. Rusty look – use copper rusty shadow to draw attention to your eyes. This shade is shimmery and can give you a minimal look. Use a pale color on your lips and you are ready.
  10. Coral lips – just go bold using coral on the lips. Keep the rest of the face neat and just enhance the lips. This look is great for the nights when you want to just relax your face.

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