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The Right Way To Use A Beauty Blender

The Right Way To Use A Beauty Blender

As we know, a beauty blender is a very common but popular beauty tool which is used by most people , even boys. It is available in different colours with a beautiful shape.

It catches your attention very quickly in the cosmetics shops. As we know that beauty blender is used as a make up material. It is used regularly by some people and some use it when they are going to party. You can use it to apply your foundation and concealer on your face.

It will help in applying the foundation on your face and give your face a flawless finish so that it looks natural and glowing.

Now, some people do not use their beauty blender properly. This will affect their product and face also so here is the right way to use your beauty blender.

  1. You should wet your beauty blender in every use. It is very important to do. When you let it wet then it will increase its size and it will become easy to use and will provide you a flawless finish. While using your blender you should dip it in the water after every use. If you will not do so then your skin will have to suffer and also your foundation will get wasted. So, wet your blender in every use.


  1. Don’t use only one area of beauty blender in your whole face. Try to use different areas of your blender for different things. You should use different areas of blender on your different areas of face. Like use the larger area of your blender on your cheeks and the edge area i.e. smaller area under your eyes or nose.


  1. Do not use it very hard on your face rather than you should use it by tapping it on your face. This stippling gives you a softer finish and makes your foundation look more like skin. It is the best way to use a beauty blender. You should always use a beauty blender in a stippling If you will use it hardly then it can create harsh lines on your face so use it softly in patting motion.


  1. You should use mostly the beauty blender which is of nude colour. This beauty blender will not soak your beauty products. It is the best way to use if your skin is too sensitive. It is also very important that you should dampen your sponge before using it as it will moisturize your skin properly.


  1. You should be careful while buying your beauty blender as they are available in different colours. The mostly used colour of beauty blender is pink as it is called original. If you want to apply dark foundations or dark products on your face then you should buy black beauty blender. If you want to apply serums or any kind of moisturizer on your face then you should go for the white beauty blender.


  1. You should keep your beauty blender clean as it is very important. You should wash your beauty blender after use in the warm water so that it will kill all the germs and bacteria present in it. You should store very carefully so that it will not get damaged. You can also wash your beauty blender with the baby shampoo.


  1. You should avoid using any kind of harsh solutions like alcohol, acetone etc. as they can damage your beauty blender.


  1. If by mistake you have applied a dark layer of foundation or blusher then you should use a dry beauty blender to lighten that colour. You can also do the same in case of the eye shadow. Dry beauty blender is used to lighten the blusher or eye shadow applied on your face.


  1. Old beauty blenders can be used in many ways. There is no need to throw it in the dustbin. You can use it in your nail art, or removing makeup or you can also use it in removing stain from the clothes.

So, these are the best and right way to use a beauty blender. So, kindly follow them while using your beauty blender.

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