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The Only 5 Anti Aging Face Exercises You Need

The Only 5 Anti Aging Face Exercises You Need

As we know that nobody wants to look old but this is natural. But you can just tone your face exercises. These exercises will remove the wrinkles and also make your face better than before.

These exercises are mainly called face yoga. You should definitely perform these anti-aging exercises. These exercises will tighten your skin and also give you a youthful look. These exercises are performed without any type of pain and you will find a change in your face when you start doing these anti-aging exercises.

These exercises should be performed 6 days in a week just for just 20 minutes. They will show the good and positive results to you very soon. There are many types of benefits which are provided by these exercises like: work the skin’s upper, middle and lower layers, hey lift sagging skin, tone underlying muscles, help reduce wrinkles, improve blood circulation, enable better nourishment to the skin, bring a healthy glow, stimulate collagen production, restore skin’s elasticity, result in tighter and give you a smoother skin.

Here are the 5 anti-aging exercises that you should definitely do:


To do this exercise you should sit straight and just blow your cheeks out and hold the air inside and try to transfer the air from one cheek to another. You should repeat this 8-10 times and you can hold this as much as you can. This exercise will help you in toning your skin and muscles.


As the name suggests, you have to make the surprised face by raising your eyebrows and stretch them. Along with the eyebrows, open your mouth also as much as can. Do this 10 times continuously. This will help in smoothening your forehead and vanish all the wrinkles and shrinking marks on your forehead.


As the name suggests, you should stretch your neck in the upward direction as much as you can and try to push your tongue against the top of your mouth. You have to hold your neck in the same direction for a minimum of 25 seconds. This exercise will correct your double chin and tone them. It is the best anti-aging exercise that you should definitely try.


You just have to make a frown in this exercise. You have to make a V shape between your eyes and also make your lips the same as you are frowning. You should do this 8 times in a day and hold this face for 2 seconds. If you have puffy eyes then you should definitely try this. It also helps in crow’s feet or droopy eyelids.


In this exercise, you have to make a face like a clown. You have to smile very wide without opening your lips. Smile as wide as much as you can. Also, wrinkle your nose like a clown. You should do this for 5 seconds and repeat this exercise for 10 times in a day. It will improve your sagging skin.

You should definitely try these 5 anti-aging exercises as they are very effective. 

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