The Easiest Ways To Take Off Makeup According To Dermatologists


After a long day of work, the last thing we want to do is remove makeup. But, that’s the foremost important thing for any beauty regimen, as removing makeup can not only prevent skin problems but also helps in many other ways.

There are a lot of tricks in the book for this, but here we present to you The Easiest Ways to Take off Makeup According to Dermatologists.
1. Cleansing
This is a no brainer. Cleansing forms the most essential step of removing makeup. Be it cleansing lotions, cleansing gels,  micellar water or anything else. Cleansing your make up thoroughly makes an important step in the removal of makeup. Like beats like is the principle here, and so an oil-based cleanser works best for heavy makeup, whereas less oily one works best for your regular and light makeup.
2. The wipes
Makeup wipes are a boon to remove the makeup. It comes as a handy option to just wipe off your make up without much fuss and hit the bed. But that’s the biggest mistake we make. Cleansing your face after wiping is an essential step, and thus helps in removing that residue from skin.
3. Focus on edges of the eyelid
Most ignored areas are eyelid edges, where the mascara and eyeliner build up over time and cause irritation. This can be prevented by dabbing a cotton pad in cleansing lotion for a long time and dabbing it over the eye. This cleans it completely thus preventing any side effects to eyes.
4. Do not forget your hairline
We often focus on our face but hardly clean our hairline. Push your hair back, and cleanse the hairline. That’s the part where most of the makeup accumulates and becomes hard to remove if left on its own.
5. Moisturizing is the final step
The utmost important yet forgotten step is moisturizing. Moisturizing your skin has to be one of the prime steps of removing makeup. This helps the skin to retain moisture and prevent dryness, owing to the harsh makeup and the friction caused during Makeup removal. Moisturize your face with a moisturizer suiting your skin tone, and hit the bed without any worries.
So, with the help of the above Easiest Ways to Take off Makeup According to Dermatologists, your make up removal regimen will turn out to be more hassle-free and effective.

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