5 Surprising Reasons for Sneezing After Shower

sneezing after shower
What’s different about sneezing after shower ? All of us sneeze at least two times often, isn’t it? Should you be worried about sneezing after a shower? Do you have a sneezing attack shower for absolutely no reason?
These are some of the questions that might have crossed your mind if you have a sudden sneeze attack after a relaxing bath. However, you need not worry.
Continue reading to know why we tend to sneeze so often after a bath!
Why do we sneeze?
We sneeze when our nostrils sense a foreign body inside our nose. We tend to sneeze often if our nose has inhaled something we are allergic that is most likely to cause an immune response.
We also sneeze if our nostrils sense any foreign body-unusual activity in our nose. Our nose senses the discomfort and signals the brain to throw out the substance by sneezing. Hence, we sneeze.
An average person is said to sneeze once but I’m sure you have sneezed more than 2 times at least once in your life. Now, why does that happen?
It is simple; if your first sneeze could not throw away the foreign particles or substances then your 2nd or 3rd sneeze must definitely do.

Why do you sneeze after a bath?

You will be surprised to know that there are wide-ranged factors that will lead you to sneeze after a bath. Some of the possible reasons are:

1) Allergies:
Allergies are the most common cause of sneezing often or have sudden sneezing attacks after a bath. Some of the most common allergies that lead to sudden sneezing attacks are the Rhinitis.
It is nothing but hypersensitivity towards dust, mites, molds, fungal spores, and animal hairs. The curtain in your bathroom might have some dust that might have triggered the sudden sneezing attack.
It also depends on the kinds of ingredients that are present in your shampoos, soaps, or body wash that may possibly trigger the sneezing.
You must check out for the same if you experience constant sneezing after a bath or even while bathing.
It happens in the morning and during bath because your nasal passage is directly exposed to possible allergens that will trigger your allergy and lead to sneezing attacks.
2) Dry air:
One must look out for prolonged exposure to dry air. If your room is dry and you are exposed to prolonged dry air your nasal passage can get triggered leading to a sneezing attack.
This might happen even when you are taking a bath.
3) Cold/ Sinusitis:
Some of the other common reasons, you might have sudden sneezing attack after a bath is due to Common cold, Sinusitis or Influenza. Look out for the other symptoms like fever, fatigue, and chills to know the exact reason.
4) Photic Sneeze:
If you have a habit to take a bath as soon as you wake up then you might be experiencing the photic sneeze phenomenon. This triggers the stimuli which in turn get triggered by being exposed to the sun after a prolonged sleep.
5) Vasomotor Rhinitis:
This is nothing but the inflammation of your nasal membranes. It often leads to a sneezing attack when your body experiences a sudden change of temperate or an immune response.
However, many of the above-mentioned factors are common and are nothing to worry about. Look out for the specific symptoms to know more or consult your physician for more.

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