Stuffy Nose Home Remedies For Adults

Stuffy Nose

There are some diseases that are life-threatening to the newborn but for adults, they cause so much trouble that these change the mood of a person. Stuffy nose refers to the situation when mucus accumulates in the nose and creates trouble in breathing. This becomes worse when you sleep straight without a pillow-like me. I am addictive to lying on the bed without a pillow. Whenever I experience a stuffy nose, all the mucus comes into my throat which again causes too much irritation and bad mood. Normally, in severe stuffy nose problems, I have to take a breath via mouth instead of the nose. This looks very strange to me and to others because keeping the mouth open looks strange.

You have plenty of choices to treat and cure stuffy nose but this can be done when taking proper care of yourself. Generally, we are very careless about our health. We do not care about what types of foods are good for our health. So first make yourself habitual to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you feel that you are having a sinus infection, stop taking cold foods items. If your sinus infection becomes worst, you will face a problem of the stuffy nose which makes your life more irritable and you feel frustrated.

List of Home Remedies:

Garlic: Garlic is one of the best natural remedies to treat stuffy nose or nasal congestion. Take one clove of garlic, cut it into small pieces. Spread a pinch amount of salt and black pepper in it and then swallowed all the pieces of garlic.


Cinnamon and Honey: Cinnamon with honey is also good to treat stuffy nose issues. Take one stick of cinnamon and dip that stick into 1 tbsp. of honey, swallowed it and then drink 1 cup of warm water after eating this stick.

Honey and Black Pepper: Honey with black pepper is also worked effectively to treat stuffy nose disease. The nature of black pepper is hot and that is why it alleviates a lot in stuffy nose problems.

Honey: Simple honey is also good for curing stuffy nose. It helps a lot in melting the mucus from the breathing tract and ease in taking breath from the nose.

Pear Juice and Honey

Saline Water: Put a drop of saline water in each nostril and massage the nose gently.

Ice: Grab an ice cube and place it on your tongue. Hold it against the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds.

Turmeric Powder and Honey: Take a glass of warm water, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to it, mix well and have it daily 2 to 3 times a day.

Push: Push your tongue against the top of your mouth and push a finger between your eyebrows. Hold it for about 20 seconds.

Steam: Take a handful of mints, Pour it into hot water. Leave it on for about 2 minutes, and inhale the steam daily 2 to 3 times a day.