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Simple Tips On How To Take Care Of Hair In Monsoon

How To take care of hair in monsoon

Taking care of your hair is important irrespective of the seasons and your moods. Hairs are very vulnerable and tend to get damaged by our simple careless acts easily.

There are many factors that contribute to influence the health of your hair.

Some of the common factors that might affect your hair are the season along with several environmental factors.

Your hair requires different care and a few changes to your daily hair care routines to maintain your hair health.

Monsoon is that one season that can damage your hair as much as its arrival excites you. Indeed, you can go play and enjoy the rain, but make sure you don’t go completely careless about your hair.

Hair needs a good hair care routine just like your skin to be healthier and shinier on a daily basis. The rain can be acidic and contain a lot of microorganisms that can cause various infections along with an unhealthy scalp.

However, you don’t need to worry anymore.

Here are some exclusive tips to take care of your hair during the Monsoon:

1) Wash your hair more often:

Whenever you are out there in the rain, make sure you wash your hair after you come home. The rain can be acidic and have a lot of bacteria that will not only make your scalp dry but also cause many infections.

Use a suitable yet chemical-free shampoo to retain the moisture and have healthier hair.

2) Massage your hair:

After you wash your hair thoroughly, let them dry. After a few hours, massage your hair with castor oil mixed with coconut oil or go for argan oil. Massage well and let the oil moisturize your scalp as well as your hair.

3) Conditioner:

I’m sure you know about this, still do not forget that conditioner. A good and suitable conditioner helps in giving your hair a smooth and shiny texture; as well as save it from frizz.

4) Loose ponytails and buns:

Don’t tie your hair all up nor leave them altogether. The rains can cause your hair to become extra frizzy and make your scalp dry. In some cases, tying your hair up or leaving them can really have a negative impact on your hair.

Make sure you tie your hair in loose ponytails or buns that will help in keeping your hair away from frizz and dryness.

5) Use SLS free shampoos:

As mentioned above, it is important to wash your hair often especially when it is monsoon. So use an SLS free shampoo and simple or herbal shampoos to get rid of unwanted frizz and dry scalp.

6) The hair treatments at the salon:

Don’t back off from visiting hair salons in monsoon.

Yes, you can shampoo and wash your hair but the Shampoo and conditioner will only cleanse your hair from the outside, while a regular spa treatment will nourish your hair and roots well.

However, COLORED HAIR in Monsoon needs extra care and protection.


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