Simple, New Pop Cut Hairstyles For Ladies

Pop Hairstyles

Why not search and learn some new hairstyles like pop hairstyles ?The quarantine has not only allowed us to hit the peak of our boredom but also made us reflect on our lives to a lot of extent.

Everyone wants to follow the trend and try looking the best we can. Let it be your hair or your clothes, the trends change every year.

Some of the latest pop hairstyles for women in 2020 are:

1) Purple-Silver bob with fringe:

This popular hairstyle has been trending all over the world. It involves an amazing shade of purple at the roots that become greyish at the tip.

Pair these shades with an incredible bob that is long on one side and shorter on the other. This hairstyle will not only add some beauty to your appearance but also make you look younger.

2) Curly Messy Bob- Highlights Balayage:

Messy bobs are trending again and these might just be ‘the’ hairstyle you have been looking for. The hairstyle also involves a technique of balayage that mixes different shades of brown and blonde on your hair.

Curl your hair in such a way that they look messy and will give your hair an enchanting look.

3) Long highlights with curls- Balayage:

If you have long hair then you can highlight your hair with different shades of grey and brown. This is done by the balayage technique that will give your hair an enticing appearance.

Curl the ends of your hair and let them loose. And you are ready to go!

4) Graduated Bobs:

Graduated bobs are in style and you will be surprised to know that these bobs not only give your hair an enticing appearance but also help you look younger.

This hairstyle involves long hair at the front that gradually becomes shorter at the back. You can balayage your hair or make them look beautiful with incredible highlights.

5) Straightener curls:

Yes! You can make curls with a straightener. Your straightener can give you the much-hyped beachy waves. Start by placing the flat iron at the roots of your hair and pull them back and forth in the form of a curl.

Lo! You have straightened curls that will make you look gorgeous like never before.

6) French braid with a top knot:

This is the best way to style your hair if you are looking for something different. Firstly, take the top section of your hair and braid is similar to the French braid starting from the very beginning.

Continue braiding until you reach the crown of your head. Now, tie a knot to the braid with the help of an elastic band so that it stays firm. And lo! You are good to go!

7) Half top bun:

This is the smaller version of the messier bun. However, it does not include tying all your hair. Just take the front section of your section like you would to make create a pompadour.

Now twist this bunch of hair and create a small bun. You can make it firm by adding 1-2 bobby bins and leave the rest of the hair as it is.

8) Full curls:

If you want to go for something different, you can go for the full curls hairstyle. This helps in managing your hair in an easier way. The full curls are a trend and will give you a younger and elegant look.

So what are you waiting for? Go FOR THESE Pop HAIRSTYLES and step out of Quarantine like a goddess.

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