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Simple Home Remedies to Treat Scabies


Scabies can be painful, itchy and downright disgusting really. The thought of small mites burrowing into your skin then laying eggs is enough to make you feel nauseous. Thousands of people all over the world suffer from it. The main reason being is that it is highly contagious.

Scabies is passed from person to person through human contact. The most common way that it is passed is through sexual intercourse. You can easily get rid of the infestation but before you really discover how to get rid of scabies it’s important to know exactly what scabies are.

Scabies is tiny mites (they’re so small that you can’t see them) that live on your skin. They burrow into your skin and that’s where they lay their eggs. When they burrow into your skin most people get an allergic reaction and that is what causes your discomfort. You’ll start to experience itching which can become quite painful. The infested areas will then flare up and turn into a rash.

Treat yourself easily using simple household ingredients. These ingredients are so common that you can pick them up from virtually any grocery store. They work so effectively that you’ll start to feel instant relief from the itching and pain caused by scabies. A natural Remedies to Treat Scabies is always the best option and should be your first line of defense.

List of Home Remedies:

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil has been used for many decades by thousands of people with little or no side effects what so ever. This is the most natural way to start to eliminate scabies from your skin without also damaging your skin. Simply just pour about 25 drops of this tea tree oil into a hot bath and immerse their entire body in the mix.

tea tree oil

Camphor and Coconut Oil:

For instance, some drops of camphor oil with coconut oil are a great way to treat the skin from scabies.

camphor and coconut oil

Tea Tree Oil:

Your pores will be more open if you use a warm bath with tea tree oil. Alternatively, if you do not like to take baths you could simply apply the tea tree oil using a damp cloth and apply it directly to the affected areas. This is a more targeted approach.

tea tree oil


Garlic is not very popular to use because of the smell. However, if you can get over the smell you may just experience a faster recovery time because garlic is just so powerful. By mashing the garlic into a paste and then mixing it with some Aloe Vera cream you will create a one-two punch that will treat scabies and help to restore the skin.


Neem Oil:

Since it is very similar to tea tree oil you can apply it in the same fashion. I would not recommend combining Neem oil and tea tree oil however as those two oils may actually cause your skin to have a reaction.

neem oil

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