Simple Home Remedies for Dry Hair


If you have dry hair, then you will know salon treatments are expensive. Even things you buy in the drug store can be pricy, and are not always effective. Good home remedies for dry hair will be cheaper and often better for your hair.

As with many things, prevention is the best medicine. For example, wearing a swimming cap will protect your hair from chlorine. Wearing a hat in the summer will not just help keep your hair from drying out but reduce your risk of skin cancer as well. Put away the blow dryer. Unless you genuinely do not have time to let your hair dry, then blow drying is likely to dry it out and leave it brittle and without luster.

However, if you already have dry hair, then you will be looking for home remedies for dry hair, to restore your hair’s natural moisture:

List of Home Remedies:

Vinegar: One tbsp of vinegar when you rinse your hair is very helpful. Take half a cup of vinegar (preferably apple cider) to two cups of water. It can be used as any other conditioner. Apply after shampooing your hair then rinse out after couple of minutes. For dandruff control, leave it in longer, anything up to an hour.

Eggs and Olive Oil: Another good one involves eggs. This should be used as a pre-shampoo treatment. Mix together three eggs with two tablespoons of safflower or olive oil and a teaspoon of vinegar rub it into your hair and then put on a shower cap. Leave it for thirty minutes, and then thoroughly rinse it out and shampoo. Make sure not to use water that is too hot with egg treatments, or the egg might poach. Olive oil, which has a lot of Vitamin E in it, is the best. All of these make excellent and cheap home remedies for dry hair.

Banana and Avocados Mask: Dry hair also derives nutrients from a hair mask made by blending over ripe bananas and avocados. This paste can be used as a hair pack, which is to be applied and rested for an hour and later on washed off with shampoo. Avocado has always been a key element when it comes to hair or skin nourishment.

Nutritious Foods: You can also treat your dry hair from the inside out. Eat more good fats, often found in nuts (including peanuts) and seeds. Drinking enough water will also help both your hair and your overall health. Keeping up your levels of vitamin E is also recommended; for this eat greens, especially kale and collard, red bell peppers and tropical fruits.

Other things you might have in your kitchen that can be used for leave-in treatments include mayonnaise, lemon juice, Aloe Vera juice or a mixture of bananas and avocados. Cooking oils are also popular remedies. Forget the expensive salon treatments. Try one of these home remedies for dry hair and look good while saving money.

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