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Should Women Shave Their Face

Should Women Shave Their Face

As we know that no one likes unwanted hairs on their face. It is common that you also do not like unwanted hair on your face. They look very awkward and embarrassing.

You have seen that men usually shave their face in 3-4 days to remove the unwanted hair from their face. This problem is not faced by men but women also.

Most of the women usually get them waxed or remove them by the method of threading but it is not an effective technique to remove the unwanted hair from your face. It may cause irritation and can be harmful also.

The most effective way or technique to get rid of them is shaving. Shaving is a very easy and simple way to get rid of these hairs. You will get a smooth and glowing skin after you shave your face.

Women should go for the shaving process in order to remove unwanted hair from your face.

Before doing it, you should be careful and you should keep in mind several things. Firstly, you should always use women’s shaving razor or blades as they are made according to the skin of women. Men’s razor are made according to their skin and the type of hairs grown on your face so they are not effective to use by the women.

You should always use a sharp blade as it is good and it will make the shaving process very easy for you. You should always shave in the direction of your hair growth as it will be effective and will prevent the growth of hairs. It is advisable that you should always shave in small strokes so that all the hairs got removed.

Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while shaving your face:


You should not overdo your shaving. You should only shave the area of your face where hairs are growing rather than shaving your whole face. It may cause hormonal imbalance and can also lead to the growth of your hairs faster than before.

You should not overdo this process i.e. you should shave your face not more than 2 times in a week. If you do so then it may cause irritation. If your skin is very sensitive then it is very important for you that you should shave your face just 1-2 times in a week not more than that.


Pre-care is must while shaving. You should go with this process in a very disciplined manner so that it will not damage your skin. You should not use products which contain alcohol and chemicals as they can damage your skin.

After shaving your face or body, you should always apply any cooling gel or moisturizer there so that it will not cause any type of irritation or redness. If you will do these types of mistakes then may clog your pores or can also cause the problem of ingrown hairs. So, you should keep in mind this pre-care.


While shaving, hygiene is very important. You should always use different razors to shave your body and your face. There should be separate razors for your body and face.

If you will use one razor for doing the shaving of your body and face then it may cause infection. If you are using the razor which is reusable then after it’s use you should wash your razor properly with the help of cleaning alcohol or Dettol also.

So, you should keep in mind these tips if you want to shave properly without any problem. But there are some myths regarding shaving which you should ignore.

Here are the myths which you should ignore:

  1. First myth is that shaving makes the growth of your hairs faster and you will get very thicker hairs after shaving but it is not true. It is absolutely wrong.
  2. Second myth is that if you will use new blades then they will lead to denser nicks. But it is not true. Old and dull blades lead to denser nicks.
  3. Third myth is that if you shave a little hard then you will get a smooth shave but it is not true. You should shave very lightly with no pressure. If you will apply pressure while shaving then it may cause irritation and cut marks.
  4. Fourth myth is that you can shave without water but it is absolutely wrong. If you will shave without water then it can damage your skin. It can also cause razor burns, skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

So, you should ignore these myths as they are not right and even not helpful.

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