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Seven Foods You Should Never Feed Your Baby


Becoming a mother can come with a lot of emotions, confusion, excitement, and loads of responsibilities. You might feel confused and even have a faint sense of guilt for not knowing what to feed your baby.

Feeding your baby is a difficult task, and you have to keep several things in mind before you go towards planning their diet. There are only limited types of food you can feed your baby. There are a lot of foods you should never feed your baby or avoid it for a few years to be safe.

Feeding your baby and seeing their reactions by making them taste diverse kinds of foods can be interesting. Foods like nuts, chocolates, and even butter can prove to be an interesting choice of foods but little do we understand, they might be harmful to your baby’s overall health.

Here are seven foods you should never feed your baby:

1) Egg whites:

Egg whites are protein-rich and are considered to be one of the healthiest food items in general. But that does not mean they are equally healthy to babies as much as they are to adults. You have to avoid feeding your baby egg whites until they turn 2 years old. Egg whites can trigger allergies, or lead to irritation and rashes in some infants. So to avoid any kind of risk, avoid egg whites.

2) Nuts:

Dry fruits or nuts, in general, can be healthy but they are not so for babies. Avoid feeding your baby dry fruits and nuts, especially at an early age as they have under developing digestive system along with developing teeth; that might make digestion difficult and lead to constipation or other symptoms.

3) Honey:

Honey is sweet and even considered to be a natural medicine that can cure several infections. But it is not a good idea to feed your baby honey. It might have bacteria or any kind of toxins that will lead to food poisoning. Avoid including honey in your kid’s diet until they turn 2.

4) Peanuts/Peanut Butter:

It is a known fact that one of the common allergies people have comes from the consumption of peanuts. To avoid any kind of risk and harsh reactions, do not feed your baby peanuts. Wait until they turn 2, then you can begin with smaller portions.

5) Shellfish or Seafood:

Seafood can be healthy but feeding your baby seafood at an earlier stage can prove out to be fatal. There is a lot of mercury content in seafood and toxins that can lead to food poisoning. If you want to feed your baby seafood, wait until they turn 2 and then begin with white fish or cod. Look out for reactions to keep any kind of allergy in check.

6) Chocolates:

Chocolates can be tempting and your baby might be in love with them already. However, chocolates are not a good food item to feed your babies. The digestive system is still developing including the teeth. Digestion will be difficult and even lead to several dental issues at an earlier stage.

7) Raw Vegetables:

Raw vegetables have a lot of nitrate content and can be considered to be a choking hazard. Avoid feeding a lot of vegetables, especially the raw ones.

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