See What Your Tongue Has to Say About Your Health

See What Your Tongue Has to Say About Your Health

A healthy tongue is pink colored and has small nodules. These small nodules are nothing but papillae that are present on your tongue. Anything other than this might not indicate any kind of chronic conditions or severe diseases but it is better to keep a look on your tongue.

Go in front of the mirror, stick your tongue out, and check your tongue.

It is not necessary that every appearance or any divergence from a healthy tongue is harmful. However, you must watch out your tongue and examine it yourself.

This will also help in examining and dictating many health functions in general.

Here is what you must remember while checking out your tongue:

1) White spots/ White lines:

If you see any kind of white spots or white lines on your tongue then you must examine your tongue and look out for these conditions:

Oral thrush:

Oral thrush is nothing but a yeast infection that can develop inside your mouth. The infection can appear as a white patch that is often similar to the consistency of cottage cheese.

However, oral thrush is observed in elders or in infants. It is also a little common in people who have a weak immune system.


Leukoplakia is nothing but excessive growth of cells on your tongue. This can happen when your tongue is very irritated. This will make your tongue appear white.

Leukoplakia can also be a precursor to cancer, yet it is not as harmful as cancer. It can be treated with medications.

Oral lichen planus:

Oral lichen planus is nothing but a network of white lines on your tongue. This will go away on its own.

2) Red tongue:

A red tongue is not always good or something that must be admired. Here are a few indications that are as a result of a red tongue:

Scarlet Fever:

Scarlet fever is an infection that can make your tongue appear red. It can be treated with medications and antibiotics.

Kawasaki Disease:

Kawasaki disease usually affects children who are under the age of 5. It can cause your tongue to appear red. Consult your doctor and get your condition treated as soon a possible.

Vitamin Deficiency:

A deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B-12 can cause your tongue appear to be red. This is common and can be treated with a balanced diet or consulting a nutritionist.

3) Black or hairy tongue:

Black and hairy tongue can be an indication of the following conditions:

This is common and considered to be common. The papillae on your hair can grow throughout your life and harbor bacteria. These bacteria can cause infections and make your tongue appear black as well as hairy. This condition is treatable but also typically common in people who lack dental hygiene.

4) Sore or bumpy tongue:

Your tongue can also appear painful as well as sore and bumpy:


Smoking can cause irritation on your skin and then lead to soreness.

Canker sores:

The cause is unknown; however, stress is believed to be a major factor. Canker sores normally heal without treatment within a week or two. There is nothing to worry about canker sores.

Some of the other indicators of harmful chronic conditions are lumps, extreme redness, creamy texture, and even brownish appearance. Look out for these indicators and consult a doctor for further information.


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