Run Daily to Sharpen Your Mind

Run Daily to Sharpen Your Mind

While running is a physical activity that can help you strengthen your legs and cardiovascular, running is a great deal more than that running can actually help you build your self-esteem, willpower, concentration and focus. Run daily to sharpen your mind.

Running has been proven to help reduce the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, and strokes. After running for an hour the average person will burn around 600-700 calories. Your potential of your lungs will be fully utilized while running, which will help keep them healthy? Ligaments and tendons are strengthened while running, which helps reduce your risk of ankle, hip, and knee injuries. Running releases endorphins into your brain, which makes you feel happier. The quality of sleep is raised after running, which will make you feel less tired in the morning.

If running on a regular basis, you’re continually imposes your muscles and bones so the bones are encouraged to stay strong and not easily weaken with age. Studies show that runners find it easier to sleep at night and sleep longer. Running also increases your ability to cope with daily stresses and minor skin irritations.

For beginners:

If you’re just beginning, you may consider it an immense skill to be able to focus enough merely to survive to the end of your street without giving up.  But what you’ll find as you’re physically able to run greater durations of time is that you no longer have to focus on the physical aspects of running, but rather, running itself.  You’ll marvel you are running so far, how you’ll feel at the end and best of all, how far can you potentially go?

As your distance increases, you will find yourself attaining positive thoughts about running.  It is no longer about the running, just reaching goals, bettering yourself and pushing yourself beyond where you never thought you could go.  This transformation will ooze into all facets of your daily life, making you a more confident individual ready to take over any challenge that introduces itself to you.

For Seasoned Runners:

As a seasoned runner, you’re already fully knowledgeable of the benefits of running longer distances and the concentration it commands to go the distance. You may be ready to set a new personal record, whether it is for a 5k, 10k or any other distance race.  You’ll be able to build on your focus and concentration to press yourself to run just a bit faster, or add speed at respective points during your training runs to finally gain your overall pace.

Practicing your running skills off the course:

The focus you learn on the running course can be taken and applied throughout your life, whether it’s at work, school or in everyday activities.  For instance you may employ your newfound focus you have acquired and apply it at work to complete a particularly discouraging project.  Or you could utilize your self-esteem building skills to encourage coworkers.

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