Rose Water Benefits For Flawless Skin

Rose Water for Flawless Skin

If there’s one versatile ingredient that finds a place in the beauty regime of most of the women, then it is undoubtedly rose water. Rosewater is nothing, but the by-product while extracting rose oil from the flowers. It is 100% pure distilled water of rose,  and thus possess unique and various benefits for the skin. Its versatile properties help all types of skins. Be it, oily, dry or dehydrated. Here are the 5 best benefits of rose water.

1. Works as a Skin Toner

Three important steps in skin regime are cleansing,  toning, and moisturizing. The first and third steps are most stressed, but toning is often ignored, though it’s equally important. Pure rose water is gentle in nature and helps in maintaining the skin’s pH balance. It also possesses astringent properties that help clean the pores of oil and grime toning the skin too.

2. Slows Aging

Your skin ages faster because of exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun, due to the use of products full of harmful chemicals. All of these factors contribute to the generation of free radicals that damage your skin. Rose water’s high antioxidant content helps tackle this by neutralizing the free radicals and keep your skin supple.

3. Instant Relief from Sunburns

Summers can be really tough on your skin and sunburns are very common during this season. Hence, carrying rose water in a spray bottle in your handbag can be really helpful whenever affected by sunburn. It not only soothes the skin but instantly replenishes the lost hydration thereby making it more radiant

4. Fight Acne

Acne can really be a severe problem with most of the women.  But with rosewater handy, acne can be treated in a jiffy. Just mix a spoon of lemon juice in 2 spoons rosewater and apply on face. Rinse it off after 10 minutes with cold water. Rosewater along with lemon gives freshness to the skin, also making it supple and avoid the harshness of acne.

5. Brightness of Skin

Rosewater has skin lightening properties that eliminate scars, tan, and pigmentation. It is also an excellent ingredient that helps seal moisture into your skin. Thus,  making the skin brighter free from any kinds of spots, pigmentation if used regularly.

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