“Rogue Trip”- Stream It or Skip It: Disney Plus

rogue trip

Who hasn’t heard of the ABC News correspondent, Bob Woodruff, and his bizarre accident in Iraq during the year 2006?

Bob Woodruff is back with his new show called “Rogue trip” that will take you on an incredible adventure in this Quarantine. He is accompanied by his son Mack Woodruff who is a photographer.

The Rogue trip show is currently streaming on Disney plus and is considered one of the incredible travel shows.

13 years ago, Bob Woodruff faced a near-death experience as he was blown up by an IED in Iraq in 2006. Since then he has managed to change his reporting to conveying big-picture stories from all over the world.

It took a lot of months to recover from the injury and has been bed-ridden for months. He began walking again with the support and help of his family.

Now, he is back with an adventurous travel show that introduces us to the diverse culture, living, and wildlife of several countries.

Accompanied by this 29-year-old son, Mack Woodruff, the shows take us into another dimension of culture and living.

The father-son duo explores countries and different parts of the world-from remote Colombia that is still shadowed by the war to Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Ukraine.

The duo goes on a life-changing adventure that involves exploring various exotic and far-flung places. In these episodes, you can see Mack recalling seeing his father on TV for months.

In this show, you can observe the father-son duo embracing the local culture, climate, and wildlife.

They not only learn about each other but also learn about the several new people they meet during their exploration many of these people have had their lives upended by industry and capitalism.

It is more or less similar to Zac Efron’s show Down to Earth yet it does not involve showcasing different aspects of sustainable living.

The show will definitely educate about the different cultures, lifestyles, and wildlife of many parts of this world.
It will manage to take you on an adventure along and satisfy your traveler soul in this Quarantine.

Part of the show also revolves around and introduces the spectacular photography of Mack Woodruff. The key to this series will also be the changing relationship between Bob and his son.

It shows an incredible change between their relationship and also helps in communicating the changes that occurred after Bob’s accident.

Mack takes time to discuss how his dad’s near-death experience in Iraq changed him and their relationship to a lot of extents. He also says that he sometimes wonders what “pre-2006 Dad” would be as of now.

He also marvels at how his father 13 years after the incident can travel and marvel at what he sees even after struggling so much.

The series could have been better and if they aired or streamed it on Natgeo instead of Disney plus.
It is similar to other travel shows yet manages to keep you hooked if you are a travel-holic.

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