Positive Impact of Coronavirus on Nature


Coronavirus pandemic has proved to be a boon for nature. The pandemic led to governments of several countries launching complete lockdown. This lockdown forced people to stay in their houses.

The lockdown resulted in restrictions of planned travels which earlier caused air pollution. There are many such positive impacts that we will come across in the following sections.

But before I tell you about different positive impacts that the pandemic has led on nature, let us look at some numerical stats which show how nature is healing.

China witnessed a 25% decrease in carbon emission and a 50% decrease in nitrogen oxide emission during the lockdown. According to a scientist, this decrease in pollutants level would have saved more than 70,000 thousand lives.

This decrease in pollutants level has not only increased air quality but has also had a deep impact on improving water quality.

This was just an overview of China; many other countries have also seen such green results of a pandemic.

People have not only stopped mobilizing from one place to another but have also reduced the use of certain appliances like air conditioners to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Thus, we can see that this pandemic has given enough time for nature to get back on track.

Let us look at the various ways through which Coronavirus has had a positive impact on nature.

1. Improved air quality
  • Due to traveling restrictions all over the world, the use of transport has dropped down. This has resulted in improved quality of air. Earlier the emissions of transports used to cause a drastic effect on air quality.
  • The lockdown launched by several countries has not only decreased the use of flights and trains but also the use of cars and bikes. This has reduced the emission of harmful chemicals and gases.
  • The decreased level of these gases has improved the pH of air and made it clearer for people to breathe.
2. Water quality
  • Since the lockdown had made people stay at home. There were no more boats and ships in water bodies to pollute it in any way.


  • Less number of human interference with the water bodies resulted in marine life to flourish. Less garbage resulted in clear water.


  • In fact, in Venice, the water became so clear that people could see fishes in it. The pandemic not only improved the quality of marine life but also resulted in clean water.


  • This clarity in water was because sediments settling down, they were earlier not able to settle down due to constant movement of boats.
3. Effect on wildlife
  • You must have heard news stating that animals were spotted freely moving here and there? Well, credit goes to the coronavirus. The less interference of people has led not only an improved marine life but also the wildlife.


  • For example, sea turtles were spotted laying in areas that were considered to be dangerous for them.


  • Another considerable points can be the increase in fish biomass due to a decrease in fishing practices.


  • Consumption of many animals has been banned due to the spread of COVID-19. You must have heard the news regarding the transmission of coronavirus from a bat?
4. Reforestation
  • Many trees were planted during the lockdown and fewer trees were removed for building projects. Thus the world is seeing a surge in reforestations rate as compared to the deforestation rates.
5. Decreased carbon emissions
  • The daily carbon emission has fairly decreased during the lockdown due to various restrictions applied to people.


  • This decrease has been mainly because of less use of transportation. Another cause of this decrease is closed factories which earlier used to emit tons of carbon.


  • Coronavirus pandemic can be called the worst way to decrease these emissions but we cannot ignore the fact that it has already caused such a high decrease in emission rates.

Corona pandemic has created havoc in our lives. But this pandemic has also brought a gift of nature for us. It has led to a blooming change in our environment. We can refer to it as nature has been healing itself while we are sitting at our homes.

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