Permanent Makeup and Its Rising Popularity


For many women, makeup can be a key to their self-confidence. Leaving the house without makeup can make many of us feel vulnerable and incomplete. A growing number of celebrities are taking this one step further by having permanent makeup, meaning they can leave the house feeling confident without having to go through the lengthy process of putting on all their make-up every day.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Having permanent make up applied involves a similar process to tattooing. As well as the time and effort it saves to have tattooed make-up, it solves problems for women who are allergic to normal make-up. At one point permanent make-up was reserved for the well-off, but its rising popularity and improvements in technology have made it more accessible and affordable for the rest of us. It is actually a more cost-effective procedure than most other cosmetic treatments and can have the same effect. Many of us may have over-plucked our eyebrows in our youth and find that they are now sparse.

Permanent make-up is used mainly on lips, eyebrows and around the eyes as eyeliner. People can also choose which color they want before it is tattooed on, in the same way that you can choose the shade of normal make-up to match your complexion. It can also be used on other parts of the body to cover up scars or skin disorders.

How does it Work?

The procedure of applying permanent make-up involves using a disposable applicator to put pigments into the skin. Once tattooed on, the colors will remain on the skin for about five years. The cutting-edge equipment used means that the process will hurt no more than having your eyebrows plucked. For eye-brow application there are a variety of applications you can have. One of the most popular is to have tiny hairs brush stroked onto the eyebrow so that it looks as natural as possible.

What are the advantages over normal makeup?

The benefits of using permanent make up instead of traditional makeup include:

Saving Time: Having eyebrows make-up, and eyeliner on your face permanently means you will not have to spend time every day applying make-up before you go out.

No more messy make up: Some women can find it difficult to apply make-up and getting it to look perfect, with no uneven areas. This can be a result of anything from shaky hands to a straightforward lack of skill and knowledge. Permanent make-up means you can have perfect make-up every day with no more worries about uneven or messy eyeliner or eyebrows.

No risk of make up running: Anything from crying to exercise can lead traditional make-up to start running. People who lead active lifestyles or go to the gym on a regular basis will find they have to keep re-applying make-up after any vigorous activity. Permanent make-up will save the time you spend re-doing your make-up as well as keeping you looking good while exercising.

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