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Permanent Hair Straightening: Types, Pros, Cons And Side Effects


All people are not at all the same both in the way of physical and mental health. All the people are different in their physical health and all the people have different types of skin, hairs and much more.

Talking about the hairs. All the people especially women have different types of hairs like some have thick hairs, straight hairs, dry hairs, frizzy hairs, curly hairs, thin hairs, etc. But all the people need to take care of their hair as they are the best part of their beauty.

The hairs which are very sensitive like the thin hairs should be treated carefully and properly so that they will look beautiful and also you will not lose them. Women or people having thin hair should treat them carefully so that they will look good and they will not fall.

Thin hairs are very weak from the scalp and also from the between. Thin hairs are not at all strong so it is very important to take care of them. Thin hairs are very much sensitive and they should be taken care of with so much attention.

If you want any type of hair treatment then you should keep in mind that every hair treatment has some pros and cons which may affect you and your hair in the future.

The most common treatment which every girl wants to try is permanent hair straightening. Every girl and woman loves to try this hair treatment but as mentioned above it has many pros and cons.

The people who have curly hairs most likely to do the permanent hair straightening to go for the new look and style. Permanent hair straightening is not as simple as it includes many chemical treatments and keratin treatments.

Many types of chemicals are applied to your hair and scalp while going through this treatment.

Many types of hair straightening treatments are available and you can choose any of them while going through this treatment:

1. PROFESSIONAL PERMANENT STRAIGHTENING: This treatment is performed by the professional and for this, you first have to fix the appointment with them, and then you have to go with this process. These professionals work in famous salons.

2. AT HOME PERMS: As the name suggests, in this type of permanent hair straightening you can just buy the products and chemicals which are necessary from the beauty shops, and then you can follow the process at your home yourself.

3. SEMI-PERMANENT HAIR STRAIGHTENING: As this name suggests, this hair treatment is not permanent rather it is semi-permanent. It is long for 3 to 5 months only but not more than that.

4. THERMAL STRAIGHTENING: This treatment needs so much time in the salon. You have to sit for 5-6 hours in the salon for this treatment. This permanent hair straightening is just for 6 months.

So, these are some of the types of permanent hair straightening and you can go for any of them according to your choice.

Now, as you are going through this treatment you need to know all the side effects which may cause after you are done with this like:

1. One of the common side effects which every girl and every woman has to face is the breakage of hair. After this much chemical treatment, your hair will start falling.

2. If your hairs are naturally curly and it will all vanish off. Your hair may also get damaged after this treatment.

3. After washing your hair, it will become difficult for you to comb them easily. You have to wait for them to dry so that you can comb them.

4. Also, this treatment involves so many chemicals that you should be careful about them because many chemicals can cause redness, irritation, and many other problems to you.


  1. This treatment will make your hair softer and smoother than before. If you are having very dry and curly hairs then you can go for it.
  2. After this treatment, you will get a simple and elegant look for your hair.
  3. This treatment is long-lasting for 6 months to even 1-2 years.
  4. It is not so much expensive as compared to the benefit it is providing to you.


  1. It will damage your hair and your hair will forget its natural look and shape.
  2. Your hair will start falling and even breaking after you will go through this chemical treatment.
  3. It includes a lot of chemicals which are not good for your hair and scalp and even they can cause you other problems too.


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