Natural Remedies for Growing Pains


Growing pains generally don’t require any tests to get diagnosed. Sometimes growing pains can be confused with other types of pains, but these are quite different. Not all pains that your child experiences are growing pains or vice versa.

These pains have no particular treatment.  In fact, growing pains lessen on their own in a year or a half. But you can always ease your child’s discomfort with a gentle massage.

Home Remedies to Relieve Growing Pains

1. Stretching Exercises:
Stretch muscles during the day, these exercises relax them during the night. This simple exercise helps and provides relief.
2. Pain Relievers: 
Give your child ibuprofen or any other suitable pain reliever, this can be given when the pain is intolerable
3. Heat compress/ pad
Applying a heating pad on the sore muscles relieves the pain and comforts your child. Apply a heating pad on a lower level while your child is about to sleep and take it off once he dozes off.
Signs when to see a doctor
If the pain is unbearable and persists for a longer duration of time, then its advisable to see a doctor,  who might ask you certain questions
1. Where does the pain occur?
2. How long have you been facing this?
3. Are there any signs of tenderness?
4. Any other symptoms like redness,  tenderness or abdominal pain?
5. Facing difficulty in sleeping at night?
After thorough examination and Xrays, if needed,  the doctor might prescribe certain medication and exercise.

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