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Natural Home Remedies for Grey Hair


Grey hair is turning out to a common problem even among youngsters. There could be many possible reasons for grey hair but it all roots in one common reason. The hair follicle has melanocytes cells that secrete melanin and give hair a natural pigmentation.

Premature aging or dying of melanocytes can cause the hair to lose their pigmentation. There could be many reasons for this premature aging.


• Genetics could be a prime reason for the greying of hair. This causes melanocytes to be weak and unable to produce the required amount of pigment. The auto-immune disease like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause the altered level of thyroid hormone causing them to affect hair follicle cells.

• Oxidative stress due to smoking or drinking can increase the oxidative free radicals inside the body increasing stress causing premature aging. These are the lifestyle diseases such as anxiety, hypertension that increases stress level.

• Improper food intake i.e. diet lacking required vitamins can cause grey hair.

• Synthetic shampoo and other hair products can cause the hair follicle cells to die losing pigmentation.

• Environmental pollutants can also cause the melanocytes to lose pigmentation.


Treating the root cause.

Grey hair can be treated when the problems are related to diet, chemicals, and other factors but when it comes to genetic greying of hair, it is difficult to treat the white hair problem but nothing now is impossible due to the advancement of medical science.

Enzyme treatment therapy or manipulating genes might cure the grey hairs.
Taking a properly balanced diet having the right amount of B6 and B12 reduces the chances of pernicious anemia due to a reduced amount of folic acid. Taking vitamin and folic acid tablets can also solve the problem of grey hair.

Reducing the intake of alcohol and cigarette can also reduce premature greying of hair.

Leading a stressful life, doing exercise meditation and yoga can help you get rid of the stress and hair whitening.

Using sulfur-free shampoo and not treating hair with too much heat and chemical products can also reduce the problems of hair whitening.

Treatment on hair:

Using Aloe Vera with coffee beans on hair can reduce white hair problems. Intake of green coffee beans and green tea reduces the stress and premature dying of melanocytes.

Consuming Amla or applying amla powder after mixing with egg or aloe vera can also treat grey hair, also the egg moisturizes the hair giving it a shiny appearance.

Taking green vegetables in the diet can increase the iron content in the body treating grey hair.

Onion hair oil is considered to be the best for reversing the white hair also they help in hair growth.

Proper oiling of hair and scalp nourishes the hair follicles causing them to exfoliate and melanocytes increasing the melanin production. Massaging also removes dead debris from the scalp that is preventing hair exfoliation.

Mixing kalonji(Nigella Sative) and Fenugreek seed in mustard oil can also help in the treatment of white hair.

Coloring hair or applying henna after mixing it with amla powder can also cure white hair.

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