Nail Psoriasis And Its Treatment

Nail Psoriasis and its Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin condition that may be mild or severe. It is primarily a disease of the immune system. Nail Psoriasis occurs when your nails begin to suffer due to excess production of cells eventually giving it an absurd appearance. Normally the skin reproduces every 28-30 days but in the condition of psoriasis, skin reproduces every 3-4 days. This changes the appearance of your nails and makes it look reddish with an itchy feeling.

Nail psoriasis results in abnormal changes of the cuticle, causing the nails to become brittle or thin and in some cases, the nails completely detach or break off from the very end. The condition of nails worsens if ignored and can interfere in your routinely life.

Nail psoriasis can also be a result of various underlying diseases, disorders, and fungal infections. If not treated on time, this condition can lead to the development of severe fungal and bacterial infections.

Some of the simple ways that may help you in getting rid of nail psoriasis are:

1) Moisturize your nails often:

Moisturizing your nails with a suitable moisturizer helps in keeping them hydrated and prevents your skin from getting itchy. Nails need constant care and attention to be healthy and therefore ignoring your nails is a bad idea.

2) Cleanse your Nails:

Cleaning your nails will prevent them from contracting any kind of fungal and bacterial infection. As the cuticle is weak and the nails are brittle, there are high chances of fungal infections. Clean your nails at your house every day. You can also go for professional cleansing and nail treatments at salons or spas!

3) Trim your nails:

Make sure you trim your nails often. Unnoticed growth of nails can cause the condition to worsen and enhance the chances of contracting an infection.

4) Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera:

Coconut oil and Aloe vera, both of them are widely used for their anti-bacterial and healing properties. Apply a few drops of coconut oil or rub it on your nails and leave it overnight. Similarly, you can use aloe vera to clean your nails at home and keep them hydrated.

5) Medications:

If the conditions of your nails worsen, visit your dermatologist and get your nails treated. There are several ointments creams, tablets and cleansing processes that will help you get rid of nail psoriasis professionally.

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