Microsoft – Next Generation New Xbox Series X Includes “Halo Infinite”

Xbox Series X

Who is not in love with the Xbox games? I’m sure everyone across the globe has spent their quarantine both playing and surfing through their Xbox or spent hours deciding what game they should go for, this time!

For all you Xbox lovers here is a piece of good news- after a lot of speculations and mystery around Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox X series, Microsoft finally decided to reveal details about the same!

Microsoft decided to reveal the details about the much-awaited Xbox X series on July 23, 2020. With better gameplay and cinematics, the games in this series are said to be one of a kind.

Microsoft released the list of games that are included in these series. The Xbox X series is going to take you on an enchanting gaming adventure.

However, Microsoft released the details of much anticipated and hyped “Halo infinite”. Microsoft has claimed that its newest Halo game is said to be different and comes with diverse yet unique features.

It is said to have enticing gameplay as the protagonist-Master Chief decides to take on another adventure.

It was during the recent release that the viewers got to see a little more of their favorite game. This news comes after Sony announced the release of PlayStation 5.

Both Sony and Microsoft promise a different and incredible gaming experience with their new releases. However, both of these are going to be released just in time for Christmas of 2020.

Sony announced the upcoming design and games of their Play Station 5 that has managed to keep the gamers hooked on for long now. Microsoft is said to release more details each month on every game.

We should wait a few more months until we get to grab our Xbox X series!

It was noted during a press event that Chris Lee, studio head for “Halo Infinite” said –“We want to make sure that this is a game that feels great to our fans that have been playing ‘Halo’ games as well as a great entry point for new players”.

It is also said that the game will use Xbox Series X’s processing power to display higher resolution graphics.
This will also give you a brand new level of gaming experience.

Some of the popular games included in Xbox X series are:

  • Hello Neighbour 2 :

The popular horror game “Hello Neighbor ” just received a sequel where you attempt to find your neighbor who has gone missing, while you’re being stalked.

Hello neighbor was about sneaking into your neighbor’s basement to uncover a secret.

  • State of Decay 3:

State of Decay series that is all about a zombie survival gets its sequel in the brand new Xbox X series. The popular franchise is all set to come out in 2021.

  • Forza Motorsport:

The racing game is designed to show the phenomenal graphics and improved tech of the new Xbox. The game is in development with no release date as of now!

Some of the other games you can’t miss are:

  • ‘Everwild’
  • ‘Tell Me Why’
  • ‘Psychonauts 2’
  • ‘Fable’
I hope these games keep you hooked on and satisfy your gamer self!

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