How to Make Homemade Natural Air Fresheners


Did you ever want to know how you can make your very own Homemade Natural Air Fresheners It’s quite easy, and a lot safer than breathing in synthetic air fresheners that not only mask odors but contain harmful substances that have been known to cause a wide variety of health problems.

To get started you’ll need two things:

  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Orange Peels

Method: After you have your cinnamon sticks and orange peels together, grab a pot and fill it with water about halfway. Place the cinnamon and orange peels in the water and set the stove to a low temperature.

The cinnamon combined with the orange peels in the water will add a pleasant smell to your home and best of all it’s all-natural and safe for you to inhale.

How to get rid of more stubborn smells:

To get started you’ll need two things:

  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray Bottle

Method: Begin to mix one part vinegar with five parts of water in the spray bottle. The white vinegar is very good at neutralizing bad odors. Simply take your water/vinegar mixture and start spraying away at nasty smells and impossible to get rid of odor on your couch or furniture.

How to get rid of refrigerator odors:

To get rid of those bad refrigerator odors of soiled and rotten food you simply need to get some coffee grounds and wrap them up in a paper towel; then secure it with a rubber band and put in inside the refrigerator and your food odors will all be taken care of.

How to make homemade potpourri?

Get these three items to make yourself some cheap and inexpensive homemade potpourri.

You can also try some cloves or cinnamon sticks as an alternative. Put the anise and nutmeg in a dish and sprinkle a little vanilla extract and you have your own instant homemade natural potpourri. These are some of the best ways to quickly make some green and safe for your home air fresheners made of all-natural ingredients.

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