Lower Body Workouts – For Ideal Pear Shaped Body

Lower Body Workouts – For Ideal Pear Shaped Body

Getting an ideal pear-shaped body is even possible when you’re quarantining with your family. Who does not desire a perfect shaped body? All of us do yet we procrastinate or are too lazy to step towards the gym and embrace the burn. But no worries! It is absolutely possible to shape your body perfectly by burning the extra fat and adding a little muscle mass to your thighs and legs.

It is important to work on your lower body and focus on making your legs stronger. These strong legs are going to take you places and help you in hardest times. It will help you carry a good amount of weight or climb massive staircases and pave your way through several floors without any inconvenience.

So here are top 6 lower body workouts you can do at home without the help of any machine and have a pear-shaped body within a few months. All you need is just loads of motivation and determination to overcome your procrastination.

Here are Some Of the Lower Body Workouts

1) Reverse Lunges-Knee lifts:

Start by standing with your feet about your shoulder-width apart. Step backward in such a way that you land on the ball of your foot and bend your knees such that they make a 90-degree angle. Now, stand up as you lift your left knee up to your chest. Repeat this on the right and vice versa. Do this exercise for 20 minutes a day for a perfectly shaped body.

2) Squat Jumps:

This is similar to your regular squats. All you need to do is after you squat, jump up as high as you can before straightening your legs and standing on your feet again. Keep your back along with your chest straight while doing this exercise. Repeat this exercise for 20 minutes a day.

3) High Knee Toe Taps:

To do this exercise, you need a chair to be placed in front of you. Now stand in front of the chair and place your hands on your hips. Tap your left foot on the chair and then tap the right similar to how you climb through the staircase but a little higher so that your feet touch the chair. Keep your back straight and make sure you don’t bend any part of your body while doing this exercise.

4) Curtsy Lunges:

This is one of the most simple lower body workouts you can practice at your home. All you have to do is stand straight with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Now, place your right foot behind your left such that your knees bend and form a lunge. Go back to your starting position by pushing your left heel to stand and repeat the same with the left foot. Do this exercise for about 20 minutes a day for amazing results!

5) Side Leg Raise:

This is another simple exercise that demands nothing but patience from you.

Just lie on your side and place your legs one over the other. Place one arm on your hips and let another rest firmly on the mat. Lift your top leg in the air for about 5 seconds and then go back to your starting position. Lift your leg in such a way that your hips are lifted along with your butt. Repeat this exercise with the other leg.

6) Side Lunges:

Another simple and easiest lower body workout exercise is the side lunges. Stand with your feet about your hip-width apart and take a big step towards your right such that you bend your right knee. While doing this you will push your butt back and keep your left leg firmly straight. Repeat this towards the other side and do this for at least 20 minutes for amazing results.

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