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Beauty Secrets From The Kitchen

Who doesn’t want to be ahead of their beauty game? But when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends, Koreans Beauty Secrets are way ahead and have a league of their own. Be it face masks, sheets, massages or their famous 10 steps facial guide, we all have seen a lot of new trends coming from Korea when compared to any other country.

There are a lot of beauty trends that are first started by Koreans. Here is an extensive list of few Korean trends that have taken the internet by storm.
1. Massage
Facial massage is practiced by almost all today. But it was Koreans who started this trend. Massage has shown a lot of benefits for most of the people and hence has gained popularity ever since. Massaging gently yet firm strokes with knuckles can increase the blood flow around the facial muscles and hence make it radiant and glowing in no time.
There are plenty of massage oils and creams available that are not only beneficial but also, have a mild sweet smell that lingers for long. Massaging every once in a while can do wonders for your skin.
2. Double cleansing 
Cleansing your face has always been regarded as the most important step in the beauty regimen. But double cleansing is one of the beauty secrets of Korean beauty, that has us glued to it. It involves a two-step cleansing process that uses an oil-based cleanser first, that removes the makeup, grime, and dirt. The next step is water-based cleansing that helps in further removal of the remaining traces of makeup.
3. Essence
It is one of the crucial ingredients used while following the 10 step beauty regimen. Used right before serum, it helps in better absorption of all other products that are used afterward. It is rich in hyaluronic acid, that helps skin stay supple and healthy while it has great absorption power. Hence it is oily in nature, people with oily skin can skip it.
4. Sheet masks
Korean ladies have always found a great benefit in a sheet mask and use them daily. Using a sheet mask is quite easy. All you need to do is, apply the sheet mask on your face and massage so that the essential nutrients reach the skin amply. Since it comes in a travel-friendly packaging, you can always carry it and use it whenever you like.
5. Sleeping mask
Since the best time you get to relax is during the night, sleep masks are the go-to option. They are upgraded versions of night creams and help in getting the required nourishment to the skin while you are asleep. Just put on the mask and hit the bed. Once you wake up, take it off and feel the difference. Your skin will definitely feel lighter and brighter.
6. Diet
Korean women believe in giving equal importance to diet too. They include kimchi, seaweed soup and barley tea to get that perfect skin and radiance. Diet has always been an important part and Korean women know exactly how to maintain their overall health and skin.

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