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Knee Pain Therapies and Remedies

Knee Pain Therapies

Knee Pain Therapies and Remedies -The knee is one of the largest and most used joints in the human body, made up of four bones and various soft tissue structures. As a main weight-bearing joint, it is commonly injured or damaged during activity, as well as overtime. If you suffer from knee pain or sustained an injury, knowing the anatomy of the knee joint is a key element to understanding the source of your pain.

The Key to eliminate your pain is to stimulate nerves that are called Large Diameter Afferent (LDA)! LDAs modulate pain by firing into the spinal cord. This is why I perform thorough neurological testing on the first visit because I need to find out how your LDAs are functioning. Non-invasive therapies I use to rehabilitate your neurological function and repair knee structure.

There are many diagnoses and Knee Pain Therapies and Remedies given to knee pain. Most people, even including many healthcare providers believe that knee pain is solely due to knee structure problems, such as muscle, ligament, cartilage, bone problem in the knee joint.

Is your knee condition chronic?

For certain cases, yes, such conventional methods could be the only options, but definitely for not all the cases. In reality, the majority of the knee pain cases are due to more than just knee structure problems, especially if it comes to the chronic knee pain cases. That is why, you see and we see, those chronic knee pain sufferers don’t get better with such conventional treatment options.

List of Therapies and Remedies:

Turmeric and Honey: Take a tsp of turmeric powder. Add a half tsp of honey to it. Have it daily for about 10 days.

Ice Compress: Take a towel and wrap some ice cubes, place the ice cubes on the affected area for about 10-15 minutes. Repeat this process 2 times daily.

Turmeric: Take half a tsp of turmeric powder with a glass of lukewarm water 2 to 3 times a day.

Coconut Oil: Heat a half cup of coconut oil, massage it gently when it’s warm.

Bathua Leaves: Take some bathua leaves, extract its juice and have it 15-gram daily morning on an empty stomach.

Pineapple: Drink pineapple juice daily to get relief from any joint pain. Pineapple works as an anti-inflammatory for swollen and painful joints.

Carrot Juice: Drink one glass of carrot juice daily morning; continue for a week or 2.

Hot Bath: Take a bath with hot water; make sure it’s not too hot it can damage your skin.

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy: You do some exercise with enhanced oxygen air. Your brain and nerves need two things to survive.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy: It is the deepest heat penetration to help to heal tissue.

Peripheral Nerve Rehab Therapy: A gentle electrical stimulation with a specific frequency to affected areas can help to restore LDAs and increase circulation. This therapy also works very well in Peripheral Neuropathy conditions.

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