Keto Diet In Summer

keto diet in summer

I am sure you have already come across the word keto diet. If you haven’t, then I can very well confirm that you are not a social person.

Keto diet a recently discovered and acknowledged way of getting rid of that extra weight. Keto diet successfully has the title of being a trending and effective way to lose weight.

By following a keto diet, you let your body go through the process of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Keto diet revolves around the idea of having a higher amount of fat and the least amount of carbohydrates. Your diet includes 10-15% carbohydrates and the rest 85% are the food items that are rich in fat.

Keto diet allows your body to specifically use fat to produce energy and abandon carbohydrates. This is proven to be a healthy yet effective way to lose weight within a short period of time.

The results of being on a keto diet were proved to be so incredible that the idea of this diet spread like wildfire.

The types and quantity of the foods in a keto diet plan are fixed. However, you can modify or add other substitutes based on availability.

The keto diet plan for summer is said to be different than the regular diet plan, with regard to the soaring heat. It is okay to substitute your food items with similar yet better options based upon the environment.

The summer keto diet plan may include more smoothies, water, fruits, and little of what needs to be served hot.

Some of the things you can do to keep yourself up to track on keto diet during summer are:

1) Stay hydrated:

Sometimes, cravings or excessive hunger can be a sign of dehydration or lack of electrolytes. So make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and energized all day.

You must at least drink 3-5 liters of water per day in order to let your body function properly. Drink water as you will spend a lot of time outside during summer, battling the scorching sun.

2) Workout routine:

You can choose to make small changes in your daily workout routines. For example instead of going for a run you can for swimming. Both are amazing ways to do cardio and will keep you cool as well as help you lose weight.

3) It’s okay to cheat:

During summer, we seem to pull off a lot of parties and may tend to cheat on our diets. Know that it is okay to cheat and a few cheat meals will not ruin your diet plan.

But make sure you go for healthier food items rather than plain junk.

Some of the keto diet plan for summer- recipes you can substitute your regular keto diet with are:

1) Baked eggs and mushrooms with a toast:

This is one of the most filling yet healthiest breakfasts you can do during summer. Just add some butter, garlic, whipping cream, mushrooms, and eggs in a jar.

Heat it an oven and bake them for 20 minutes. And lo! You have your baked eggs.

2) Green slaw salad:

The green saw salad consists of Brussel sprouts, arugula, broccoli slaw, and keto toppings. It is dressed in apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and some Dijon mustard.

3) Avocado chicken salad cups:

The cups here are made up of bacon and the BLT comes as a chicken. The chicken is an added protein and is an amazing keto meal.

Some of the other keto recipes you can add in your keto diet plan this summer are:
  • Spanish stuffed and wrapped jalapenos
  • Keto vanilla ice cream
  • Classic deviled eggs
  • Crispy baked chicken
  • Keto squash bread
  • Keto cheesecake dip.

That was how you can simply modify and keep up with your keto diet this summer!

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