Is CoronaVirus Affecting Plants And Trees?


We are in a pandemic for more than 4 months now. The viral disease COVID-19 that was initially named as coronavirus has taken a toll on our public lives. Every country across the globe is fighting the virus and billions of humans are forced to isolate as well as practice social distancing.

The malls, educational institutions, eateries, cinemas, clubs, and several hotels are forced to shut down for more than 4 months. The world has unimaginably turned upside down within a span of 6 months with most of us struggling to survive the virus.

The Covid-19 cases around the world have crossed millions in a few months and have killed millions of people altogether. The coronavirus led us to stay in our houses for months and the economy, environment, and industrial sector have changed a lot.

The virus is highly contagious and is easily spread through touch, cough, and sneezing.

Nonetheless, coronavirus has caused several changes and has affected the nature. From animals to plants, everything is said to have a diverse effect from the widespread virus.

However, the good news is most of the changes are positive!

There is a drastic reduction in pollution levels across the world and a slight positive change in overall climate threats. The world has begun to experience some amazing weather changes, the rapid growth of plants and trees in several areas due to reduced human interaction and return of numerous animals.

The natural flora and fauna are nourished again and the jungles have observed the return of animals. With millions of humans isolated and locked down, the industrial sector is shut down. The smog has been cleared from several cities and there is a constant flow of fresh air.

This has lead to incredible nourishment in plants and trees. It is also said that the ozone layer if forming again and is no more getting depleted. The carbon emission has decreased due to strict restrictions on traveling and the skies seem to happier.

The stars shine bright every night and the earth seems to thank the virus to help it breathe. There is a reduction of harmful gases in the atmosphere and the lakes are said to be clearer. However, the only loss towards flora and fauna is seen across conservation parks.

With everyone isolating and practicing social distancing, there is no one to take care of plants and animals in these biodiversity or conservation parks.

The budget of these biodiversity and conservation parks is said to hit a new low with all the governments across the world are focussing on combating the deadly virus.

However, it is also said the after raising concerns, the governments have decided to make a decision about the same matter and continue to preserve the biodiversity/conservation parks effectively.

How ironic is it that it took a pandemic to stop us from destroying the earth!

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