Improve your eyesight naturally with foods, without the use of glasses


Ever wondered if you can improve your eyesight without using those glasses? Yes. It’s possible. A simple guide on how to improve your eyesight naturally with foods that help in building a stronger vision is your answer. Here is the list of following foods that help in maintaining that perfect vision which hardly requires the use of glasses.

1. Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits are recommended by AOA to fight age-related problems in the eyes. It has vitamin C and Vitamin E in abundance which acts as an antioxidant.
Most popular citrus fruits
2. Grapes
2. Carrots
Carrot is an ultimate source of Vitamin A and beta carotene. Beta carotene helps in the further formation of Vitamin A, which is an essential element to grow the vision. Carrots contain a component called rhodopsin which help retina absorb light. Thus eating carrots on a regular basis, can avoid many eyesight issues.
3. Eggs
Eggs are a not only protein source, but also help in fighting age-related eye loss issue, that’s most common in many parts of the world. It provides the eye with the required amount of zinc.
4. Leafy vegetables
Our mothers and grandmothers are not wrong to say that including leafy veggies in the diet will get us out of many health problems. True. Leafy vegetables are more specifically included as they contain lutein and zeaxanthin and also a good source of eye-friendly vitamin C.
5. Fish
Fish always remains an excellent source of omega 3 acids that are present in their body and gut in abundance. It can reverse the effects of dry eye. Also, it can cure dry eyes caused by spending excess time on the computer.
Best sources of omega 3 containing fishes are-
1. Tuna
2. Mackerel
3. Sardines
4. Anchovies
6. Trout
Above is the extensive list of foods that can be consumed for flawless eyesight, but there are also certain other foods that help in keeping good eyesight. That includes nuts, dry fruits, legumes, seeds ( chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds), sweet potatoes, beef, etc. Also drinking plenty of water helps in maintaining the right amount of water can avoid dehydration which can, in turn, cause dry eyes.

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