How Humans get Infected to Ebola Virus and interesting Facts

Everyone out there is afraid about a disease called Ebola; don’t you know what it is? Then you must need to know, what is Ebola Virus and what does it do? Ebola is a super rare occurring, but super deadly disease caused by Ebola Virus. This Virus will make the person infected by it to bleed internally and externally throughout the body.

Ebola, which first appeared in outbreaks in Sudan and DR Congo in 1976, is a severe and often disease with no known specific treatment or vaccine. It has killed more than 1,500 people in parts of Africa. Incubation period is from 2 to 21 days. Death from the disease is often caused by multiple organ failure and tissue death.

As the Ebola virus spreads within the body it severely damages the immunity of the infected person by weakening the immune system and organs. In turn it causes the blood clotting to stop maximum extent, which in turn leads to unstoppable bleeding within the body of the person infected by Ebola.

The disease caused by the Ebola Virus is also known as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, Interesting Fact about Ebola virus is it kills 90%+ people who got infected by this deadly organism and the most serious question of all is will there be Ebola outbreak in USA 2014, Ebola virus outbreak in us?

Many Books and some Sci-Fi movies show there would be serious outbreaks of Ebola-like disease around US, but the fact is, it is totally the work of fiction. Till now, the serious outbreaks of Ebola are in Western and Central African countries.

So how do people get infected by Ebola Virus?

The fact about Ebola Virus is that it is not so contagious like the kinds of common virus’s namely cold, measles or may be influenza for that sake. It mainly spreads through direct contact with the person who has got infected by the Ebola through their skin or some other bodily fluids of Ebola infected People or an infected animal like chimps, bats and monkeys. And similarly it moves from person to more persons through contact. The person who is caring the person who already has it also gets infected and people who buries the dead body of the infected person and by using contaminated needles or syringes.

The most interesting fact about Ebola is that it won’t spread through air, water or any kind of foods, but precaution is better than cure. The person who is not showing any symptoms also can’t spread the disease.

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