How to work with natural hair texture


Most of the time, we women are hard to please. And when it comes to our strands, we always end up comparing with our hair with others and thus, it results in harsh treatments that we give our mane, just for the sake of testing and trying or copying certain other styles. This not only harms our hair but also damages it to an extent where it’s beyond repair, thus making the growth hinder. But what if we tell you that you can rock your look without changing your natural hair texture? Below are the ways where we have thrown light on various hair textures and how to work on them naturally

1. Curly Hair
The most unmanageable type of hair is curly hair. This type looks cute but can give us a nightmare to manage it, thanks to its dry and frizzy nature at times. Many times, we try to straighten it, thereby making it lose its natural property. Hairstylists recommend the usage of sulfate-free shampoos and then using some type of conditioner to help the hair maintain natural DNA properly.
How to style-
1. Try a simple small Bob
2. You can also tie a rough bun, with your hair strands from either side falling off your face.
Use a wide-mouthed brush, to avoid tangles and hair loss.
2. Thick Hair
People having this type of hair, sometimes face a tough time to tame their locks. As the hair is quite thick, it requires a different kind of shampoo and conditioner than the regular off the shelf ones. Thick hair can be cut to maintain the same line of thickness throughout. Hair masks are saviors in case you have a thick mane, as it locks the moisture that sometimes shampoo and conditioner might miss out on.
How to style-
1. Try thick Indian braids, that never go out of fashion
2. Try high ponytail, by taking advantage of the voluptuous mane of yours.
Make use of Bobby pins to keep your ponytail in place
3. Wavy Hair
These are the hair types that are neither curly nor straight. There is no particular bracket for this kind of hair, and thus it depends on person to person whether they have thick or thin wavy hair. Regular shampoo and conditioner would do if you don’t face any other problems like hair thinning, or dandruff or hair fall. Thus managing wavy hair can be comparatively easy, but styling it can be tricky at times.
How to style-
1. Tie a loose braid
2. Set it free by securing two Bobby pins on either side
Use a little hair spray to keep the look in place.
4. Sleek Hair
Most of us yearn for straight locks, but women who actually have it, think otherwise. Apparently sleek hair falls flat and gives zero volume to the look. Thus making it mundane at times. Managing sleek hair is extremely easy, but styling it can be quite a task.
How to style-
1. Try fishtail style
2. A loose bun with the help of a few Bobby pins will make you look chic.
Use hair spray on Bobby pins to make it stick to your hair for long.

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