How To Use Egg White For Blackhead Removals


One thing that takes away the glow and charm from a well made-up face, is the presence of blackheads. Blackheads can be prominently found on the nose, or below the chin region. The T region is most prone to blackheads, this region includes your forehead and nose. The major cause of blackheads is the lack of proper care, and also oily skin.

There are many over the counter medicines available for removal of blackheads, but here we present you How to Use Egg White for Blackhead Removals. A quick,  easy and effective way that guarantees the removal of blackheads with zero side effects. It can only be beneficial to the skin but rarely can cause any damage.
What Do We Need?
1. 3 eggs
2. 1 spoon baking soda
3. 1 spoon lime juice
4. Few drops of honey.
How To Go Ahead?
1. In a bowl, take only egg whites
Pro Tip: To separate egg whites from the yolk, immediately after breaking the eggs in the bowl, gently squeeze out the yolk with the help of a bottle, that uses suction to extract the egg yolk, leaving only whites in the bowl. This has to be repeated separately for each egg, one after the other.
2. Add all the other ingredients and mix well.
3. Wash your face with just water, and pat it dry.
4. Now, apply the first layer of the egg mixture, making sure that it is a thin layer.
5. Apply tissue paper on the first layer and let it dry.
6. Now, apply the second layer of egg whites and apply tissue.
7. Repeat the same process for the third layer too, once the second layer dries up.
8. After a few minutes, the third layer dries up, making your face firm and dry.
9. Now, slowly take off the mask of egg white and tissues, and wash it with water. The grime and blackheads will slowly come off with the mask.
10. Wash and cleanse your face with mild face wash and tap dry.
How Does It work?
1. Egg whites have always worked wonders for the skin, as they are considered the best cleansers that maintain the pH balance of the skin.
2. Honey keeps the skin soft for long, and also works as an antiseptic preventing infections.
3. Baking soda helps to exfoliate the skin
4. Lime gives a fresh and bright look to the otherwise dull skin.
Repeat this at least thrice a week for best results.

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