How to Sterilize Baby Bottles: 5 Safe Methods

Sterilize Baby Bottles

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles: 5 Safe Methods

Sterilize Baby Bottles or cleaning is one of the methods of killing dangerous germs and bacteria from the bottom of the bottle. Now a days we can observe some kind of machinery available in the market. Wash the bottle and the bottom properly before using maximum 1 year of old baby. We can use normally hot water also for use bottle clean. You must throw any break out form on the bottle. For the purpose of cleaning baby nipples and caps must soak them in hot and milled soap water but avoid to take chemical soaps are chemical based liquid soap Otherwise will boil nipples and caps and bottle boil for 5 minutes for sterilizing. Any how the normal hot water which boiled by 100 degree centigrade is enough to clean. From the beginning of the early man breast feeding is only  method for humans beings and animals. Now, all the animals are following that method but in the human are not following that rule due to the reason of technology and health issues and beauty issues. but Breastfeeding having a lot of profits for the both of parent and children. Breast feeding will prevent infections and diarrhea, asthma, and some type of diabetes. Breast feeding will improve the baby immunity power and they will grow up with normally and brain will mature without any causes breastfeeding can act on the pituraty gland. Breastfeeding children will grow normally without any disturbing compare to other children using bottle feeding. Mothers who taking pills are any drugs or medication do not give breastfeeding. Reasons of taking unlimited of alcohol, smoking continue sly are some of the reasons to avoid breastfeeding. Prevention is better than cure. The bottle sterilizing start from the initial stage definitely you kill the germs and bacteria. Milled soap water or Boiled hot water is enough for sterilizing the bottle even you sterilize the bottle twice or thrice per day before you use the bottle. Must and should sterilize the bottle before you really use it.

Sterilizing the Baby Bottles: 

Method  –1–

Using the bottles from long time caps and nipples will break out or else and other damage will found. It depends on usage and durability of the caps and nipples and other useful parts. Must and should replace the bottle when you observe breaking or cracking form on the bottle. Here are some symptoms needed to replace the bottle: milk rushing out, thinning, swelling. Sterilizing the proper way is important for baby bottles.

Method  — 2 —

This is the basic thing to follow the manufacturer’s instructions clearly. when you wash the bottle make sure the bottle face should be in downward direction. The manufacturer will provide the guidelines that how long period you should use the bottle or nipple. 

Method  — 3 —

Take a large size pan and pour the water heat it up to the boiling point will start. After boiled the water in a proper way put all the bottle parts in the container let it be boiled at least for 5 minutes leave it the flame is off and leave it for 15 minutes. Remember that any damaged are cracks are not found in the bottle. This method is the easiest thing for everyone.

Method  — 4 — 

Take some sterilization solution in the container and heat them up to 100-degree centigrade. The sterilization solution will be available in the supermarkets.  Open the feeding bottle part wise and Soak the parts of the bottles in the solution for at least half an hour. Must check all the parts forming in the floating position or dipped in the solution. After a half an hour removes from this solution rinse with cold water. 

Method  — 5 —

When the completion of your baby feeding sterilize the bottle regularly or otherwise must clean atleast in 24 hours. After 24 it may germinated. when you start feeding before wash hands and feed. Now a days so many equipments are available like sterilize machine(sterlizer), oven( micro wave oven). Must follow the quantity of water needed in the manufacture list. It will work with power. Observe that the time period of on and the time period of off. Give rest to the bottles until your requirement. If your washing with hands bush also needed. When you sterilize with mictowave or sterilizer first fill the bottle with half water. Increase the  temperature with two to three minutes and after remove the bottles from microwave throw the remaining dirty water and let bottles cool air dry.

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