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How to Steam Your Face – Step by Step Guide

Steam Your Face

Steaming of the face is very good for the skin and it provides many benefits to you. If you are suffering from any type of problem of dark spots, acne, or pimples on your face then you will get rid of it if you will go for steaming of your face but many people don’t know how to steam their face.

In this article, you will get to know a step-by-step guide on how to steam your face.

Steaming is very good for your skin as it provides you many benefits as It helps in blood circulation, it will clean your face, cure your acne, remove all the spots, and many more.

Even the people who are suffering from cold used to prefer steaming in their homes. It is a very traditional method in which people suffering from cold go for steaming and just after that, they will be able to get rid of cold very easily.

So, steaming will not only make your face clean and glowing but also help you to get rid of cold cold-related problems first thing which you should keep in mind while you are steaming your face is that there are three ways of steaming your face. The most important three ways are

A bowl of full hot water, a facing steamer, and a hot towel. These are some of the ways by which you can steam your face, you can choose any of them to steam your face.

Number one is the steaming of the face with the help of the facial steamer. It is the best and the easiest way of steaming your face. It is very much convenient too.

You can buy the facial steamer from any of your stores offline or online. These are available at reasonable and affordable prices. you must buy the best quality facial steamer.

By using the facial steamer, you will be able to remove all the acne, pimples, dark spots from your face.

Now, the steps to steam your face with the help of a facial steamer are:

1. It is very important to prepare yourself i.e. prepare your steamer, take a chair and sit near the power outlet so that you can connect the cable of your facial steamer very easily.

2. Before steaming your face, you should clean your face properly and then exfoliate your skin so that all the dead skin cells will get removed from your skin. In this way, you should prepare your skin before going for the steaming.

3. Now, you have to fill the water tank of your facial steamer and it depends on how much time you want to steam your face. You want to steam for 10 minutes then, you should fill 70ml of the water tank with the distilled water.

4. Then, you have to switch the plug of your facial steamer and just turn it on.

5. It is very important to know that you should keep your skin 7-8 inches away from the unit or from the facial steamer as it may damage or affect your skin. So, just keep some distance from the machine.

6. Then, you have to continuously take the mist properly so that your pores will get open. You have to blot your face with the dry towel so that it will work better.

7. After steaming your face you should clean your face with the cold water, exfoliate it and then apply the moisturizer also so that it will not affect your skin or irritate it.

Now, Number two is the steaming of the face with the help of a hot towel. This method is also used when you for the shaving as it will help you in softening your hairs.

It is a very easy and good way of steaming your face. For this, you need a hot towel but you should be careful that your towel should be clean with no bacteria.

You have to take some water in a bowl and then put that bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds so that all the water will get hot and then, you have to dip your towel in that bowl to make it hot and then, you have to put that towel on your face which will steam your face.

Now, Number three to steam your face is the steaming with the help of a bowl of hot water. It is very convenient and traditional also. This method is still used in most of the homes by the people to steam their face.

To go for this method, you have to take the bowl full of water and just boil that water either with the help of a microwave or some other way. But before that, do not forget to clean and exfoliate your skin.

You can also add the essential oil in the bowl of boiling water if you want. You can just add the essential oil which you use the most and also, you can just add peppermint into that bowl full of water.

Then, you have to put your face above the bowl but you should stay away from it, not too close and you have to keep the towel on your head so that all the steam will go to your face.

You can go for the steaming of your face once in a week so that your face will get cleaned with the help of this method. Steaming is good for every skin type so there is no problem whether you have dry skin or sensitive skin.

It is good for all and you should cleanse your face properly after steaming your face. You can also apply the facial mask after just steaming your face so that your skin will feel good and fresh.

So, you should definitely use this method as it is very good for your face. Steaming is the best way to clean your face and everybody should steam their faces once in a week.

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