How To Shape Your Eyebrows Based On Face Shape


The best eyebrows you want, are the ones that make you feel confident. You can change your overall look with the shape of your brows. The whole makes up totally depends on the look of the eyes. And, eyes can be a tricky thing to master the art of makeup.

The basic of any eye make up is the shape and structure of brows. Brows, definitely make a difference and how? They can make or break an eye look. Here, we present to you How to Shape Your Eyebrows Based on Face Shape.
1. Heart-shaped face
This type of face has a distinct feature as it has a wide chin, yet a smaller forehead. Such faces can be made much more appealing by rounded eyebrows. They make the face even more attractive.
2. Square shaped face
A face that is characterized by the same width of the forehead and an equally wide jawline, is a square-shaped face. Slight round brows make it more subtle and likable.
3.Rectangular shaped face
A face that has a prominent hairline and the same width of the jawline is a rectangular face. A slight arched eyebrows subtlest down the face and thus make it more appealing.
4. Round shaped face
A shape that has a round chin and around the jawline, not many angles of prominence,  is characterized as a round shape. A slight lift in arched eyebrows works best for round shaped faces.
5. Oval shaped face
The oval-shaped face looks like an upside-down egg. A broad forehead and a slimmer jawline. A pair of angled brows works wonders for this type of face.
6. Long faces
A face that is almost twice as long as wide is called a long face. the straight brow is great too because it makes the face appear shorter. It’s all about the illusion, and its horizontal shape accomplishes this.
7. Diamond-shaped faces
Hairline more narrow than cheeks and pointed chin are the prominent features of this face. Curved or rounded brows narrow down the features of this face, thus balancing out the sharpness

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