How to Shape EggShell Nails

eggshell nails

The problem of eggshell nails is very common in most people and the main cause of the eggshell eggs is that people do not at all pay attention to their fingers, nails, and toes. Most people just care about their skin and face but not their fingers and toes. When your nails become eggshell in shape then it is called Hapalonychia.

Hapalonychia is a serious problem since it is a very common problem but if you will not take care of it and ignore it then other many types of problems can be caused to you. You must take care of your nails so that they remain healthy, strong and the shape of your nails remain natural.

When your nails become eggshell in the shape then it means they have started becoming thin and soft which is not at all a good sign. They will start breaking out and this will damage all your nails if not treated on time. There are many conditions and many causes which can lead to the problem of eggshell nails or hapalonychia.

Some of the causes of eggshell nails are:

1. If you apply chemicals on your nails then it may damage your nails and can also cause the problem of eggshell. If you keep your nails very much dry in winter or very much wet then in both of the conditions your nails can become soft and brittle and can damage your nails. Detergents, nail polish removers are full of chemicals and they can easily damage your nails and can cause hapalonychia.

2. Iron deficiency is also the other reason due to which your nails can become in the shape of eggshell. You should start eating foods which contain a very huge amount of iron. If your skin is pale in color and you are feeling headache or weakness then it means that you are suffering from iron deficiency and it can damage your nails also.

3. If you are suffering from malnutrition then it can also be one of the reasons for having hapalonychia. Every person needs to consume nutrients, proteins, fibers, and minerals so that they will stay healthy and strong.

Now, there are many ways through which you will be able to treat your eggshell nails:

1. If you want to treat your eggshell nails then it is very important to protect your nails from cold as well as from heat and you should avoid using any type of chemicals on your nails which can damage all your nails. If there is an urgent need to use nail polish remover then you should be careful before buying the nail polish remover.

2. As you know that hapalonychia can also be caused due to malnutrition and the deficiency of iron, you should start eating healthy foods which are full of iron, proteins, nutrients, and other important minerals. You can also consult your doctor for the foods to eat to treat your eggshell nails.

3. You can also consult your doctor about the problem you are facing and you can take the medications which are prescribed by your doctor.

4. The most important thing which you can do to treat your eggshell nails is that you should start taking care of your nails by applying the lotion to your nails. You must keep your nails healthy and moisturized. You should trim or cut your nails on time so that they will stay neat and clean.

So, these are some of the ways through which you will be able to treat your eggshell nails or hapalonychia.

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