How To Organize Your Makeup

Organize Your Makeup

For some people organizing things can be in their genes, but for most people, it’s a daunting task. And when it comes to making up organization, it can really be quite a task considering the variety of makeup stuff that you have. Whether a large collection of small, make up needs to be organized so that it can be quickly accessible.

Here are few tips on how to organize your make up step by step guide
1.  Take Stock Of Your Collection
Makeup accessories too have an expiration date and hence, in order to organize your makeup, you need to first de-clutter all the makeup. Decluttering and taking stock of your make up means all those makeup things that are beyond its export date, need to directly go to the bin. Especially liquid eyeliners and mascaras may harbour dangerous bacteria if used past their expiry date.
2. Select The Storage Space
Once you declutter your makeup, the next step is to select the appropriate storage space. It may either be drawers or acrylic storages or also stacks made of wood. Select what is best suitable for you in terms of space and utility. In short, make the optimum utilization of space.
3. Sort it
Sorting makes up can be the most important step in organizing as you have to take a call on how to sort it. You can sort it according to usage wise or category wise.
If you want your daily makeup to be more easily accessible,  stack it together in the utmost and most convenient drawer or stack. If you want your make up to be sorted category wise, arrange all the lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadows etc. Together respectively.
4. Arrangement
As specified earlier, you can arrange it the way best suited for you. You can also follow some best fashion and makeup bloggers so as to learn a tip or two to make an organized make up station.
5. Throw Some Light
Now, that you are already with the organized makeup station. Why not add some light to it and make it more like a celebrity make up the table? Just put some fancy lights on the mirror and make your boring make up station, Instagram worthy.
General tips
1. Prefer drawers or stacks that are rounded at the corners so as to easily clean them.
2. Clean your make up station frequently and reshuffle the items once in a month. Also, keep checking for makeup expiration dates.
3. Opt for acrylic holders, as they are easy to maintain
4. Opt for stacks that have a separate section for brush holders, as brushes are prone to catch dust, if not handled properly.

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