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How To Lose a Muffin Top & Belly Fat Fast With This 6 Exercise Workout

Muffin Top & Belly Fat Fast

Muffin Top & Belly Fat: 2020 is a year where there are several myths, shortcut methods, and other new trendy ways to lose weight. However, it must be appreciated how everyone is focussed on maintaining their physical health this quarantine and are looking forward to stepping out of their houses looking like an enchanting god and goddesses.

Weight gain can be due to many reasons and there are a few factors that influence weight gain.

Some of these factors are hormonal imbalance, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, age, genetics, and chronic conditions. One must know that there is no pre-destined area where your fat is supposed to be deposited. Fat can be deposited anywhere in the body, let it be your buttocks, thighs, or even arms.

One of the common areas where fat is accumulated is your hips and the area just above your buttocks. This kind of fat deposition is called is muffin top or love handles.

Muffin tops can affect your confidence and lower your self-esteem. There is a popular myth revolving around losing muffin top that is ‘You can lose muffin tops by doing a single workout continuously’.

No! You cannot. If you have to lose Muffin Top & Belly Fat Fast love handles then you must do a full-body workout. You have to lose fat from all parts of your body.

Lose a Muffin Top & Belly Fat Fast With This 6 Exercise Workout:

1) Hyperextensions:

This is one of the best exercises to lose belly fat and muffin tops. To do this exercise you will need a hyperextension bench. You will have to adapt the machine to your measures and lie on it and cross your arms in front.

Keep your back as straight as possible during the whole motion. Now, start bending your torso over the pad and then lift yourself. Go back to your starting position slowly.

2) Single-Leg Glute Bridge:

This exercise is popular and considered to be highly effective in losing belly fat and muffin tops. You must start by lying down on your back on the exercise mat. Place your feet flat on the ground and bend your knees.

Raise one leg off the ground and fully extend it. Now, perform the same movement by extending your hip upward and raising your glutes off the ground. Repeat this exercise as long as you can, to burn fat in an effective way.

3) Cross-Body Crunch:

This is one of the easiest exercises you can go to  lose those muffin tops. All you have to do is lie on your back on the exercise mat with your hands to the side of your head and your knees bent.

Now, raise your upper body and bring your elbow to the opposing sides’ knee. Go back to the starting position and repeat the same with your other elbow.

4) Rolling Plank:

Rolling Plank is nothing but a twin of your regular plank exercise.  You have to begin by positioning yourself in your regular plank position with your arms straight.

Now, roll to your left side into a side plank and come back into the plank. Repeat the same with the right side and go back to your normal position. Repeat it for a few minutes and lose belly fat in the healthiest ways.

5) Butt Lift:

This exercise helps you in toning your muscles and losing those muffin tops in the easiest way. To begin with this exercise, you have to lie down on the floor on your back with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent.

Now lift your butt up until you get a straight line from knees to shoulders. Go back to your starting position and repeat this for 5 minutes.

6) Hip Twists:

This exercise is another easiest one that will help you lose muffin tops without any inconvenience. Begin by getting down into your regular forearm plank position and place your elbows under your shoulder to form a straight line.

Now, twist your hip to the left side and touch your left hip to the floor and then repeat the same with your right hip. Repeat his for about 20 times.

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