How To Hide Wrinkles With A Makeup


They say women age like fine wine. True. But with aging, also come the aging problems. Every wmasoman, once she crosses 40, is too cautious about one thing. And that’s wrinkles. Whether you call it laugh lines, crow’s feet or creases, these are the most undesirable aspect of any woman who is nearing her mid-forties. When we can’t prevent it, let’s hide it. This is the mantra followed by many ladies. There are so many tricks in the book, that help you to hide your wrinkles, but here are the most effective tips on  How to Hide Wrinkles with a Makeup. 

1. Use a Silicon Primer

According to a leading makeup artist, if your wrinkles are valleys, fill them with silicon. Silicon works best to hide those unwanted creases. Using a silicon-based primer after thoroughly moisturizing can prove to hide wrinkles to a maximum extent for a longer period of time. The correct way to apply a primer is to dab it with the help of your finger or a small brush. always avoid using a sponge, as it may soak up the primer totally. apply a small amount of primer, about the size of a dime, to the center of your forehead, nose, each cheek, and chin, and then rub it in, focusing on the problem areas.

2. Lighten Up on Make Up
Hiding wrinkles doesn’t mean going heavy and full-fledged on makeup. The heavier, the makeup, the more are the chances of pronouncing those creases more. Instead, opt for tinted creams, BB creams, and airbrush make up to go lighter. This not only gives a smooth finish but also avoids the heaviness that comes along with the usage of foundation.
3. Avoid powder
Since ages, we have been using powder to settle down our make up. But once you hit the forties and show the first signs of aging, that is the onset of wrinkles, it is time to do away with it. As excessive use of powder can cause it to settle in the wrinkles and creases of the skin, making the situation even worse. If you really cannot do away with it, avoid applying it to the areas where the wrinkles are predominantly present. This can really prove effective in the case of fine lines and creases.
4. Highlight your blush

By accentuating your cheeks with a good blush, you can take the attention away from those saggy wrinkly eyes or crow’s feet. Wear a shade that compliments your skin tone—rosy pinks and peaches for fair skin; pinks, peaches, and mauves for medium tones; and corals, oranges or berries for darker complexions.

5. Do Not Forget Your Neck
This is a no brainer. Many times our facial makeup is flawless and on point, but we tend to forget our neck. Neck wrinkles are hard to hide, and often spoil the whole look. To make up artists suggest that we must not forget to extend our make up past jawline to hide the neck wrinkles and give a complete makeup look. They also suggest using some bronzer to hide the wrinkles rather than opting for full-fledged makeup on the neck.
So, with these tips on how to How to Hide Wrinkles with a Makeup, you can hide

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