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How To Get Rid Of Hyper Skin Sensitivity

Hyper Skin Sensitivity

Hypersensitive skin is common among adults nowadays. At least 10% of adults are diagnosed with hypersensitive skin.

Hypersensitive skin is nothing to worry about as there are several medications and remedies to get rid of hyper skin sensitivity.

What is hyper skin sensitivity?

Hypersensitive skin or more reactive skin is when your skin highly reacts to several factors and harshness that are well tolerated by normal skin.

Hypersensitive skin reacts to diverse factors and results in redness, pimples, irritation, bumps,  itchiness, and dry skin.

Hypersensitive skin is characterized by unpleasant sensations, discomfort, and visible reaction by different elements or stressors or allergens.

In a few cases, there are two types of symptoms that occur when you have hypersensitive skin.

  • The visible symptoms of hypersensitive skin include redness, rashes, itching, and dryness.
  • The non-visible symptoms include pimples, burning, and stinging.
Pimples are common and can be developed due to other reasons but pimples along with redness rashes and itches are more likely to be because of hypersensitive skin.

Causes of a hypersensitive skin:

There are various factors that cause hyper skin sensitivity. Some of them are:

  • Temperature changes
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Wind
  • Sun
  • Atmospheric pollution
  • Intense emotions
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Spicy foods
  • Alcohol
  • Fragrances
  • Detergents
  • Swimming pools
  • Calcareous water

Some of the other factors that contribute to this type of skin are increasing environmental pollution, dyes, fabrics, chemicals, plasters, and a few hormonal factors.

People who are more likely to have this skin are the ones who already suffer from various skin problems and diseases. Women and babies are more prone to having kind of skin.

How can you get rid of hypersensitive skin?

Hypersensitive skin is common and there are few simple tips that will help your skin stay healthier like never before. Hypersensitive skin can be cured by a few easy changes.

Some simple ways that will help you get rid of hypersensitive skin are:

  • Have a healthy diet– a healthy diet influences your skin to a lot of extents. The diet of a person has the ability to decide how your skin can look.
  • Don’t overdo your makeup– don’t overdo your makeup if you have hyper skin sensitivity. Apart from these, don’t sleep with your makeup.
  • Use natural ingredients to get rid of hypersensitive skin- use tea tree oil, primrose oil, and hazel oil to get rid of hypersensitive skin.
  • Include green tea in your diet.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption to have healthy skin.
  • Quit smoking
  • Stay hydrated- Drink a lot of water. Make sure your drink 3-5 liters per day to have a glowing and flawless skin.
  • Cleanse your skin and use a foam-based face wash.
  • Use chemical-free products and cosmetics that don’t have a lot of chemicals.
  • Avoid foods that might trigger your symptoms of hypersensitive skin.
  • Avoid going to places where there are sudden changes in temperature or a lot of heat.
  • Learn to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Choose your skincare products wisely.

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